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Utah Senate Democrats’ Statement on Firework Restrictions

For Immediate Release

June 22, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Senate Democrats issued the following statement regarding firework restrictions:

We will continue to support local control and data-driven policies, especially when it comes to Utah’s severe drought conditions and the state’s risk for devastating fires. Local leaders and our resilient fire officials are in the best position to determine effective measures for keeping their communities safe. As lawmakers, we have the responsibility to respond to exceptional conditions with thoughtfulness, with urgency, and with everyone at the table.”

“In the 2018 General Session, Representative Dunnigan and Senator Iwamoto sponsored H.B. 38, Fireworks Restrictions, in partnership with fire officials, municipalities, and several other stakeholders to bring forward stricter regulations for the discharge of fireworks. Because of the overwhelming trendline of human-caused fires, we remain committed to ongoing policy discussions. Additionally, we recommend greater discretionary funds for local enforcement, prevention, and suppression. Those on the frontlines deserve additional resources as they keep our communities safe day in and day out.”

“To stay current on fireworks restrictions, visit the State Fire Marshal’s website or contact your local fire authority.”



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