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Utah House & Sen. Minority Leaders Call on Elected Officials to Engage Thoughtfully Online

For Immediate Release

July 18, 2023


Hannah Gorski

Utah House Minority Caucus

Kennedie Starr

Utah Senate Minority Caucus

Utah House and Senate Minority Leaders Call on Elected Officials to Engage Thoughtfully and Constructively Online

SALT LAKE CITY — We are deeply troubled by repeated racially-charged actions by elected officials on social media platforms, and we will not be silent while communities of color endure attacks online by our colleagues. We can agree to disagree on policy and still be respectful while protecting one’s freedom of speech. Elected officials represent ALL people—our words and actions have consequences and can especially impact underrepresented communities who are already feeling targeted and fearful in the current political climate. As elected officials, our platforms should reinforce thoughtful conversations that are constructive and seek to advance responsive solutions to our most pressing problems. Conversations, including online dialogues, should encourage understanding and express humanity at a time when it is all too easy to voice divisive, inaccurate, and harmful language. Elected officials—regardless of political affiliation—must hold each other accountable when they say disparaging things against marginalized communities. We’ve already started to facilitate these difficult conversations with our colleagues and are dedicated to holding each other accountable.



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