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Utah Clean Air Caucus

 A bipartisan group of Utah legislators who work together to support clean air policies and appropriations.

Our Story & Mission 

In 2013, the Legislature’s bipartisan Clean Air Caucus started in the Utah House of Representatives and quickly moved its way to the Utah State Senate. This initiative has allowed legislators to learn about air quality from a variety of experts, as well as examine legislation and funding requests. Utah faces unique challenges with air quality. In particular, the caucus mindful of the health concerns associated with air pollution and the impact it has on our economic development. Since its creation, the bipartisan Clean Air Caucus continues to meet to discuss various issues and receive the latest research from state agencies, clean air experts, researchers and others. The public is welcome to attend to learn about the complexity behind air quality issues.



The mission of the Utah Legislature Clean Air Caucus is to provide regular and appropriate forums for members of the Utah legislature for the purpose of:


- Educating and informing them about the nature, substance, and science related to air quality including the causes of poor air quality.


 - Presenting to them information, data and evidence directly related to the preservation and improvement of air quality.


 - Presenting proposed legislation to them in a format that may include bill drafts, plans, concepts or ideas for the purpose of discussion and debate.


2023 Meeting Dates


Meetings are open to the public and will be held in Room 210 in the East Senate Building at the Capitol.

Meetings will also be live-streamed in the Caucus' Facebook page for those who want to attend from home.

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