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Utah’s Racial and Ethnic Minority Legislators’ Statement on NAACP’s Proposed Legislation

Media Statement

For Immediate Release:

Friday, June 5, 2020


Ross Chambless

Utah House Democratic Caucus

Jon Hennington

Utah State Senate

(801) 214-4611 |

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Utah’s racial and ethnic minority legislators - Representatives Sandra Hollins, Angela Romero, Karen Kwan, and Mark Wheatley, and Senators Luz Escamilla and Jani Iwamoto - issued the following statement:   

“We are grateful that our allies and legislative colleagues are reaching out in support and partnership. Ending systemic racism begins with each one of us. It happens when individuals decide they will no longer see people of color through a deficit lens. We are confident that legislative political will is bending towards justice because of growing and powerful voices from the public.  Our goal remains to uplift our constituents and Utah’s communities of color.  We will be moving forward and talking more about specific legislation in the coming days.”

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