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Utah’s Ethnic and Racial Minority Leaders Leading Policy Efforts to Address Deep Systemic Issues

Today Utah’s racial and ethnic minority legislators - Representatives Sandra Hollins, Angela Romero, Karen Kwan, and Mark Wheatley, and Senators Luz Escamilla and Jani Iwamoto - issued the following statement:   "Utah's six ethnic minority legislators are leading a coordinated policy effort to address the deep systemic issues that have led to the events of the past several days. There are no quick fixes to these problems, and we will be holding conversations with fellow elected officials and allies, as well as with our racial and ethnic minority communities in order to develop concrete proposals to bring about change. We appreciate the support of allies who have reached out to offer assistance. We will look to them for support as we move forward. Utah’s strong community spirit will be needed to rally behind these much needed changes. In the meantime, we believe that Utah’s ethnic minority communities should be leading out on issues of race and equality."

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