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Utah’s Ethnic and Racial Minority Leaders are Hearing from the Community

Media Statement

For Immediate Release:

Wednesday, June 12, 2020


Jon Hennington

Utah State Senate

(801) 214-4611 |

Ross Chambless

Utah House Democratic Caucus

SALT LAKE CITY -- Today Utah’s racial and ethnic minority legislators - Representatives Sandra Hollins, Angela Romero, Karen Kwan, and Mark Wheatley, and Senators Luz Escamilla and Jani Iwamoto - issued the following statement:   "For the past two weeks, the conversations our communities have had our entire lives are now being had publicly for all to hear. We have heard your voice and know others have heard it too. It has been led by all groups and all communities who have been made to feel mistreated and unequal for far too long. We stand behind those who have been leading and speaking out and encourage them to continue to do so because this is a moment for real change. As legislators who come from these communities, we are hard at work thoughtfully putting your words and feelings into statewide proposals so that proper treatment, dignity, and equality are rights for all and not privileges for some."

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