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Senator Kitchen’s SB 74 Extends Family Planning Services to Low-Income Individuals

SALT LAKE CITY – Senator Derek Kitchen’s SB 74 - Family Planning Services Amendments has passed through the Senate and will now be heading to the House for further consideration. SB 74 modifies existing state code to amend provisions for family planning services within Utah’s Medicaid program by requiring the state to apply for an automatic pre-approved federal Medicaid waiver through the Division of Health Care Financing to extend family planning services to low-income individuals.

It is estimated that the passage of SB 74 would provide coverage to approximately 10,000 individuals who need family planning services, and in doing so it would likely prevent about 2,100 unintended pregnancies, up to 730 abortions, and 410 miscarriages following unintended pregnancies. Expanding contraceptive access to women in Utah through SB 74 will likely improve the intended pregnancy rate and reduce the abortion rate, given that most women who have abortions do so after unintended pregnancies.

This waiver itself maximizes state flexibility and offers a 90/10 match for all reversable methods of birth control including oral intake of pills, rings, injections, and intrauterine devices (IUD). It also covers implants through any Medicaid provider. Based on the 2,100 estimated unplanned pregnancies prevented, we could see a net-savings of $11 million over 3 years. Taxpayers would save just over $7 for every $1 that we spend on family planning services.

Senator Kitchen stated, “This is an opportunity for the state of Utah to be proactive in health policy for average Utah families, empowering them to have control over their lives and make better, educated decisions.”



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