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Improving Transparency for Mobile Homeowners

Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne’s Mobile Home Amendments bill passed out of the Senate Business and Labor Standing Committee with a unanimous vote on Friday. SB 54 would require a mobile home park to include in their lease agreements certain information on the costs charged by the mobile home park for public utility services. Each resident would also be given the opportunity to receive an annual description of the calculations the mobile home park made for the resident’s public utility charges during the previous 12-month billing period.

This is an issue that Senator Mayne has been working on for years – meeting with stakeholders and listening to mobile homeowners. The goal was to create transparency for mobile homeowners who have questions and concerns about their bills. SB 54 would help create that transparency in two parts. First, by requiring mobile home parks to be transparent with their residents about their public utility bills and the method used to calculate their bills when buying or leasing into the mobile home park; and second, by providing a year-end disclosure for the resident describing how the mobile home park calculated the resident’s charges during the previous 12-month period. This bill will now be heard on the Senate floor for further consideration.


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