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Week 7 Updates

Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne


  • SB43 Criminal Provisions Modifications

  • SB10S01 Identification Request Amendments

  • SB76 Workers' Compensation Adjudication Amendments

  • SB68S01 Driver License and Implied Consent Modifications

  • SB124 Local Government Administration Amendments

  • SB156 Construction Trades Licensing Amendments

  • SB169 Political Action Committee Amendments

  • SB175 Gang Awareness Week. Read more about this event here.

  • SB208 National Certification Teacher Incentive Amendments

  • SB217 Gang Prevention Funding Amendments

  • SB245 School Community Awareness

  • SJR10 Joint Resolution Encouraging More Training and Resources for Municipal Code Enforcement Officers

IN THE NEWS: Governor Signs Bill Authorizing Fees for Reversed Denials New task force to consider grocery tax hike, other ways of boosting state revenue

The Salt Lake Tribune After backlash over a vote to close a Utah elementary school, a lawmaker wants districts to give parents more notice before shutdowns

Deseret News Utah Senate panel approves bill that calls for 120 days' notification of school closures, boundary changes


Senate Minority Whip Luz Escamilla


  • SB55S01 Charter Trust Land Council Amendments

  • SB87 Procurement of Design Professionals Amendments

  • SB143 Public Education Vision Screening

  • SB144 Environmental Quality Monitoring Amendments

  • SB161S06 Medical Cannabis Act Amendments

  • SB215 Adoption Service Agencies Amendments

  • SB225 Homeless Service Provider Amendments


The Salt Lake Tribune Legislature falls far short of governor’s goal of investing $100M to improve air quality. Advocates say it’s a good first step.

St. George Spectrum Local legislators split on hate crime bill Utah Legislature passes bill raising the tobacco age to 21

Cache Valley Daily/Associated Press Once-stalled Utah hate-crimes measure poised to become law Legislators pass bill modifying Utah Medical Cannabis Act Hate Crimes bill gets final approval, heads to Utah Governor Hate crimes bill clears legislature, moves on to governor

The Salt Lake Tribune Utah is about to get a tougher hate crimes law after final legislative vote

Deseret News Legislators pass bill modifying Utah Medical Cannabis Act Utah Legislature passes bill to raise the age for marriage

The Salt Lake Tribune A bill banning 15-year olds from marrying in Utah is headed to the governor The Salt Lake Tribune Utah Senate OKs bill that would monitor environmental impacts of the inland port

KSL News Radio Homeless shelters for the sick could get state aid under new bill


Senate Minority Assistant Whip Jani Iwamoto

  • SJR1 Joint Resolution Supporting the Study of Water Banking in Utah

  • SCR2 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Navajo Code Talkers

  • SB61 Poll Hours for Early Voting

  • SB62S01 Campaign Finance Revisions

  • SB65 Utah Noxious Weed Act Amendments

  • SB81S01 Substitute Native American Remains Amendments

  • SB88 Crime Victims Restitution Amendments

  • SB89S01 Conflict Disclosure Amendments

  • SB101 Navajo Code Talker Recognition

  • SB134 Campus Safety Amendments

  • SB162 Corrections Officer Amendments

IN THE NEWS: Legislature passes campus safety bill in wake of McCluskey slaying

The Salt Lake Tribune After murder of U. track star Lauren McCluskey, lawmakers pass bill mandating campus safety plans


Senate Minority Caucus Manager Derek Kitchen


  • SJR5 Joint Rules Resolution -- Ethics Commission Amendments


Deseret News Utah lawmakers make changes to initiative process on heels of successful ballot measures Lawmakers pass bill to ban abortions after 18 weeks 'It will cost the state millions': Lawsuit awaits Utah Legislature's 18-week abortion ban Hate crimes bill wins final passage. Herbert says he will sign it

The Salt Lake Tribune Utah is about to get a tougher hate crimes law after final legislative vote

Deseret News Utah's presidential primary would be on 'Super Tuesday' under bill passed by Senate



  • SB49 Homeless Shelter Funding Amendments

  • SB238 Asset Protection Trust Amendments

  • SB253 Construction Code for Historic Preservation

IN THE NEWS: Lawmakers pass bill to ban abortions after 18 weeks

The Salt Lake Tribune Lawmakers change voter initiative rules: Successful ones will be delayed for months and petition signatures will be posted online.

Deseret News Bill banning abortions after 18 weeks passing Utah Legislature 'It will cost the state millions': Lawsuit awaits Utah Legislature's 18-week abortion ban

Daily Herald Bill creating protected zone for gravel pits clears Utah Senate Committee


Senator Kathleen Riebe


IN THE NEWS: ‘Pre-emptive’ bill to ban independent civilian police oversight boards passes Bills altering the initiative process pass through Utah Legislature

The Salt Lake Tribune Senate to debate bill to delay effective date of voter-approved ballot measures to give Legislature a chance to ‘fix’ them

The Salt Lake Tribune Lawmakers want to make the state’s constitution gender-neutral. Utah voters will have final word.

The Salt Lake Tribune House bill that would bolster school safety stalls in deadlocked Senate committee — for now

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