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Families. Belong. Together.

Senators Gene Davis and Luz Escamilla proposed S.R. 2001 - Senate Resolution Regarding the Separation of Families At the Border - during today's special session. The resolution did not receive enough support in the majority caucus to be placed on the agenda for a vote. The full text of the resolution is below.

Image credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Be it resolved by the Senate of the state of Utah:

WHEREAS, Utahns firmly believe that families belong together;

WHEREAS, the role of government in respect to the family should be to support and preserve the family;

WHEREAS, the best interests of the child should always be the government's objective when the government takes action in relation to a child;

WHEREAS, only in certain cases of a parent's abuse or neglect of a child should the government intervene to separate the family in order to protect the child;

WHEREAS, the government should always afford a parent full due process rights any time the government removes a child from a parent for any substantial period of time;

WHEREAS, the government should provide robust reunification services to reunite children who have been separated from their parents; and

WHEREAS, research abounds that children who are separated from their parents may experience trauma, which can impact the well‑being of those children for years to come:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate of the state of Utah urges the Congress of the United States and the policymakers within the federal government to halt the separation of migrant parents from their children, promptly reunify separated children with their parents, and desist from any further separation based upon a family's pursuit of asylum or any other legal immigration status.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to Utah's congressional delegation.

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