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Week 5 Updates

Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne

On Thursday morning, Senator Mayne held a press conference addressing the fringe gambling legislation she is sponsoring this session. This bill would close loopholes that allow for illegal gambling operations that circumvent our ban on gambling to exist. She was joined by representatives from the Attorney General's office, law enforcement, Layton City, Orem, and Kearns Metro Township. She also had two bills advance in the Senate. Both SB 153 (Business Payroll Practices Amendments) and SB 155 (Medical Billing Amendments) passed the Senate Business and Labor Committee on Tuesday morning.

Bill requests: 20

Bills in Senate:

SB 33 - Firearm Identification Amendments

SB 98 - Treatment Medication Amendments

SB 116 - Social Security Income Tax Amendments

SB 129 - Metro Township Amendments

SB 153 - Business Payroll Practices Amendments

SB 155 - Medical Billing Amendments

SB 197 - Consanguinity Amendments

SB 198 - Substitute Teacher Training Requirements

SJR 4 - Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - Filling Judicial Vacancies

Bills passed out of the Senate:

SB 60 - Advice and Consent Amendments

SB 75 - Legislative Audit Amendments

SB 151 - Accelerated Student Program Amendments

Passed the House:

SB 54 - Mobile Home Amendments

SB 32 - Prisoner Offense Amendments

In the news:


Senate Minority Whip Luz Escamilla

On Tuesday, Senator Escamilla and President Adams were interviewed by Glenn Mills at ABC 4 about early childhood education. Their interview will be airing this upcoming Sunday. On Wednesday, she had two bills advance in both the Senate and the House. SB 165 (Emergency Response Plans for Homelessness) passed out of the Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee and SB 97 - Personal License Plate Amendments passed out of the House of Representatives with a unanimous vote.

Bill requests: 9

Bills in Senate:

SB 101 - Construction or Demolition Materials Amendments

SB 112 - Inland Port Amendments

SB 164 - Social Impact Services

SJR 12 - Joint Resolution Regarding Construction or Demolition Material

SB 165 - Emergency Response Plans for Homelessness

Bills passed out of the House:

SB 97 - Personal License Plate Amendments

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Senate Minority Assistant Whip Jani Iwamoto

On Thursday, Senator Iwamoto honored Pastor France A. Davis on the Senate floor with HCR 10, sponsored by Representative Hollins. He was honored for his decades of service and the positive impact he has had in this state. Many Senators took the time to express their gratitude for him and talked about how he had impacted them individually.

Bill requests: 15

Bills in Senate:

SB 42 - Ballot Security Amendments

SB 46 - Domestic Violence Amendments

Bills passed out of Senate:

SB 22 - American Indian-Alaska Native Related Amendments

Bills passed out of the House:

SB 14 - Tribal Leaders Description Amendments

SB 26 - Water Banking Amendments

SB 47 - Public Document Signature Classification

SB 48 - Corrections Officer Certification Pilot Extension

SCR 2 - Concurrent Resolution Honoring Michael R. Styler

SB 13 - Native American Legislative Liaison Committee Amendments

SB 80 - Campus Safety Amendments

SJR 6 - Joint Rules Resolution - Conflict of Interest Disclosure

SJR 1 - Joint Resolution Supporting Coordination of Care for Older Adults Receiving Home Health Care Services

SJR 2 - Joint Resolution Encouraging Action to Reduce the Number of Utah Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels

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Senate Minority Caucus Manager Derek Kitchen

Senator Kitchen had three bills advance in the Senate this week. Both SB 74 (Family Planning Services Amendments) which expands family planning services to low income individuals, and SB 77 (Electric Energy Storage Tax Credit) which incentivizes the use of battery storage and electric vehicles, passed the Senate. SB 122 (Housing Loss Mitigation Amendments) advanced in the Senate as well, passing from the Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee. On Wednesday, he had two students from the McGillis School sit with him during floor time. They expressed their gratitude to Senator Kitchen for sponsoring SB 74. To wrap up the week, on Friday morning he spoke to the Utah Nurses Association about family planning services.

Bill Requests: 6

Bills in the Senate:

SB 122 - Housing Loss Mitigation Amendments

Bills passed out of the Senate:

SB 74 - Family Planning Services Amendments

SB 77 - Electric Energy Storage Tax Credit


Senator Gene Davis

Senator Davis' Wine Subscription Program bill advanced in the Senate this week. This bill would create a way for Utahns to purchase wine not typically offered at state liquor stores through wine clubs. On Thursday, he spoke at the Better Boundaries press conference where he discussed the work they had done working with the Better Boundaries group on SB 200 - Redistricting Amendments.

Bill Requests: 4

Bills in Senate:

SB 103 - Wine Subscription Program

Bills passed out of the Senate:

SB 35 - Circuit Breaker Amendments

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Senator Kathleen Riebe

Senator Riebe's SB 21 (Education Amendments) advanced in the House this week. On Tuesday, she presented SB 136 - Healthy Lifestyles Revisions in front of the Senate Education Committee, which decided to move the bill for interim study. This bill would repeal a provision prohibiting encouragement of the use of contraceptive methods or devices, and it would require a local education agency to report to the state board on the percentage of students who receive written parental consent to participate in sex education instruction.

Bill Requests: 7

Bills in Senate:

SB 31 - Safety Inspections on Secondhand Vehicles

SB 105 - Surgical Smoke Evacuation System Requirements

SB 136 - Healthy Lifestyles Revisions

SB 152 - Search and Rescue Funding Amendments

Bills passed out of the House:

SB 21 - Education Amendments

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