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Week 4 Updates

Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne

Senator Mayne had many of her bills move forward in the legislature this week. SB 60 - Advice and Consent Amendments passed the Senate floor on Wednesday, SB 32 - Prisoner Offense Amendments passed the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee, and SB 54 - Mobile Home Amendments passed the House, officially making it through the legislature.

Bill requests: 21

Bills in Senate:

SB 33 - Firearm Identification Amendments

SB 75 - Legislative Audit Amendments

SB 98 - Treatment Medication Amendments

SB 116 - Social Security Income Tax Amendments

SB 129 - Metro Township Amendments

SB 151 - Accelerated Student Program Amendments

SB 153 - Business Payroll Practices Amendments

SB 155 - Medical Billing Amendments

Bills passed out of the Senate:

SB 60 - Advice and Consent Amendments

SB 32 1st Substitute - Prisoner Offense Amendments

Passed the House:

SB 54 - Mobile Home Amendments

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Senate Minority Whip Luz Escamilla

On Thursday, Senator Escamilla's SB 97 - License Plate Amendments passed the Senate floor, and she welcomed Peter Barth, Vice President of Human Relations at Smith's Food and Drug Stores on the Senate floor. Peter Barth is part of the Kroger Co. Zero Hunger Zero Waste Initiative, a 501(c)(3) founded in 2018 as a way to address the high rates of food insecurity in the United States.

Bill requests: 8

Bills in Senate:

SB 101 - Construction or Demolition Materials Amendments

SB 112 - Inland Port Amendments

SB 164 - Social Impact Services

SB 165 - Emergency Response Plans for Homelessness

SJR 12 - Joint Resolution Regarding Construction or Demolition Material

Bills passed out of the Senate:

SB 97 - Personal License Plate Amendments

In the news:


Senate Minority Assistant Whip Jani Iwamoto

On Wednesday, Senator Iwamoto joined Senator Riebe and Representatives Patrice Arent, Carol Moss, and Mariel Poulson for a town hall at Holladay City Hall. They spent the evening speaking to constituents about the session and the issues they are concerned about. On Thursday, she joined Representative Eliason in honoring Wataru "Wat" Misaka, the first professional basketball player of color in the NBA. Also, the University of Utah announced that they will retire his jersey and number which will be displayed at The Huntsman Center.

Bill requests: 15

Bills in Senate:

SB 42 - Ballot Security Amendments

SB 46 - Domestic Violence Amendments

Bills passed out of Senate:

SB 13 - Native American Legislative Liaison Committee Amendments

SB 22 - American Indian-Alaska Native Related Amendments

SB 80 - Campus Safety Amendments

SJR 6 - 1st Substitute - Joint Rules Resolution - Conflict of Interest Disclosure

SJR 1 - Joint Resolution Supporting Coordination of Care for Older Adults Receiving Home Health Care Services

SJR 2 - Joint Resolution Encouraging Action to Reduce the Number of Utah Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels

Bills passed out of the House:

SB 14 - Tribal Leaders Description Amendments

SB 26 - Water Banking Amendments

SB 47 - Public Document Signature Classification

SB 48 - Corrections Officer Certification Pilot Extension

SCR 2 - Concurrent Resolution Honoring Michael R. Styler

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Senate Minority Caucus Manager Derek Kitchen

Senator Kitchen had a big week with two bills advancing in the Senate. SB 74, which extends family planning services to low-income individuals, passed out of the Senate Health and Human Service Committee on Wednesday. SB 77 also moved forward in the Senate and is now on the third reading calendar. This bill enacts a corporate and individual income tax credit for the purchase of an electric energy storage asset (batteries).

Bill Requests: 6

Bills in the Senate:

SB 74 - Family Planning Services Amendments

SB 77 - Electric Energy Storage Tax Credit

SB 122 - Housing Loss Mitigation Amendments


Senator Gene Davis

This week, Senator Davis presented SB 35 - Circuit Breaker Amendments in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, where it passed unanimously. This bill is aimed at assisting elderly people who have homes and low-incomes. Additionally, he also met with 5th grade students from his alma mater, Nibley Park Elementary School, before they had their tour of the Capitol Building. He discussed with them the importance of civic engagement and current legislation that he is working on.

Bill Requests: 4

Bills in Senate:

SB 103 - Wine Subscription Program

Bills passed out of the Senate:

SB 35 - Circuit Breaker Amendments

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Senator Kathleen Riebe

On Wednesday, Senator Riebe joined Senator Iwamoto and Representatives Moss, Poulson, and Arent at a Holladay Town Hall where she had the opportunity to meet and discuss with constituents. On Friday morning, she took part in the second Education Caucus meeting of the session alongside her fellow legislative caucus members.

Bill Requests: 7

Bills in Senate:

SB 31 - Safety Inspections on Secondhand Vehicles

SB 136 - Healthy Lifestyles Revisions

Bills passed out of Senate:

SB 21 - Education Amendments

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