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Senator Davis’ Wine Subscription Amendments Bill Advances in the Senate

SALT LAKE CITY – On Tuesday, Senator Davis’ Wine Subscription Amendments bill passed the Senate Business and Labor Committee with a unanimous vote. This bill would allow residents to subscribe to wine clubs that sell wine not currently available in the state. Consumers would then be able to pick up these orders at DABC locations around the state, thus preventing direct to consumer sales and the potential for underage drinking. This method was chosen in order to accommodate current law which states that all liquor must go through the state DABC in order to be sold.

Currently, in order to purchase a type of wine that isn’t sold at the Utah State Liquor Store, the consumer would have to order an entire case of wine, rather than being able to purchase a single bottle. To solve this, SB 103 works to bring wine clubs into the State of Utah in order to allow consumers to purchase from a greater selection of wine.



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