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Minority Weekly Week 1

Caucus Updates WEEK 1 JANUARY 27 - JANUARY 31

THE 2020 GENERAL SESSION IS UNDERWAY! Week one of the 2020 General Legislative Session has gotten off to an exciting start as the Legislators launched their bills, convened in committee, and met with constituents and stakeholders.

The major event of the week, however, came on Wednesday evening as Utah Governor Gary Herbert gave his 11th and final State of the State Address. Members of leadership of both the Utah House and Senate Democratic Caucuses responded to Herbert's address by laying out an agenda that recognizes and respects the vital role the people of this state should have in shaping our future. See the response below.

Our caucus will continue to work hard on the priorities stated above. You can contact and follow our Senators to see what they're up to this session here: 

Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne Twitter: @KarenMayneUT5 Facebook: Instagram: @karen.mayne

Senate Minority Whip Luz Escamilla Twitter: @SenatorLuz Facebook:

Senate Minority Assistant Whip Jani Iwamoto Facebook: Twitter: @JaniIwamoto

Senate Minority Caucus Manager Derek Kitchen Twitter: @derekkitchen Facebook: Instagram: @derekkitchen

Senator Gene Davis Facebook:

Senator Kathleen Riebe Twitter: @Mskriebe Facebook: Instagram: @kathleen_riebe

Follow our caucus at:  Instagram: @utahsendems Twitter: @UtahSenDems Facebook: Utah Senate Democrats 


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