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Week 1 Updates

As the new Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Mayne was busy in the days leading up to the session with a fair number of media interviews and panel discussions, including the United Way Legislative Preview Breakfast and the Utah Economic Outlook and Policy Summit.

In addition to the business of fighting changes to the Prop 3 Medicaid expansion, three of her bills passed out of committee this week, another was introduced, and she has a number of other bills in the works.

Bills passed out of committees:

SB10 Identification Request Amendments

SB68 Driver License and Implied Consent Modifications substitute

SB76 Workers' Compensation Adjudication Amendments

Bill introduced:

SB43 Criminal Provisions Modifications substitute

In the news:

"In the Senate, Minority Leader Karen Mayne, R-West Valley City, said there is a 'new energy' in her caucus, and expressed optimism that Democratic lawmakers’ good ideas will be heard by their Republican colleagues.'The more we work together,' Mayne said, 'the more we understand each other."


Senate Minority Whip Luz Escamilla

Sen. Escamilla worked this week on maintaining Prop 3, proposing an amendment to 1SB96 Medicaid Expansion Amendments to go ahead with the expansion as outlined in Prop 3 as outlined if the federal waivers do not come in by April 1.

Bills passed out of committee:

SB55 Charter Trust Land Council Amendments

SB87 Procurement of Design Professionals Amendments

Bill introduced: SB48 Camping Fees Amendments

In the news:


Senate Minority Assistant Whip Jani Iwamoto

Sen. David Hinkins, left, with Sen. Iwamoto and supporters of the Navajo American repatriation of remains and Navajo code talkers recognition bills.

Senator Jani Iwamoto had an extraordinarily busy week with nine of her bills passing out of committees—eight of them unanimously.

In the photo are Sen. David Hinkins, left, with Sen. Iwamoto and supporters of the Navajo American repatriation of remains and Navajo code talkers recognition bills.

Bills passed out of committee:

SB88 Crime Victims Restitution Amendments SB65 Utah Noxious Weed Act Amendments

SB61 Poll Hours for Early Voting

SB62 Campaign Finance Revisions

SB89 Conflict Disclosure Amendments

SB81 Native American Remains Amendments

SCR2 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Navajo Code Talkers

SB101 Navajo Code Talker Recognition

SJR1 Joint Resolution Supporting the Study of Water Banking in Utah

In the news:


Senate Minority Caucus Manager Derek Kitchen

Newly elected Sen. Derek Kitchen was sworn into office the first day of the general session, with his husband Moudi Sbeity by his side.

“At the end of the first week of my first Legislative Session, I am feeling energized, exhausted, and welcomed. I have already learned so much. As I've been meeting my new colleagues in the Senate, I have high hopes that I will be able to build relationships and work to get good policy passed," said Sen. Kitchen.

Sen. Kitchen introduced his first bill this week, ​SJR005 Joint Rules Resolution - Ethics Commission Amendments, a simple code cleanup.


Senator Gene Davis

On Wednesday, Senator Davis voted against the passage of SB96. He has been an advocate for Medicaid expansion for many years and he believes Proposition 3 meets all federal and financial requirements. People needs to have access to quality healthcare and the decision of the voters must stand. On Thursday, Senator Davis’ SB49 Homeless Shelter Amendments were given a favorable recommendation from the Revenue and Taxation Committee. The amendments were supported by the Utah State Tax Commission. Senator Davis enjoyed getting to meet students from various Youth Councils across Utah at the Utah League of Cities and Towns.

In the news:


Senator Kathleen Riebe

Newly elected Sen. Riebe was sworn in to office the first day of the session with her family in attendance. A teacher, Sen. Riebe comes to the Senate from the Utah State School Board. Education is her top priority this session.

Bill introduced:

SB113 Possessory Lien Amendments

In the news:

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