Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne was appointed to the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force in early May 2019 by Senate President Stuart Adams.

Near the end of the 2019 General Legislative Session on March 7, the Senate Minority Caucus issued the following statement in response to the demise of HB441 Tax Equalization and Reduction Act:

The Senate Democrats are pleased to hear the Legislature will not be taking up the tax reform bill this session. We realize our tax system needs to be updated to reflect new realities in how consumers spend their money and the decline in our sales tax revenue.


We have been concerned with the bill as presented—especially the income tax cut affecting the public education fund. We have been advocating for a slow and cautious approach to this undertaking that impacts every single Utahn, and we have been listening to the citizens who have shared their concerns about the speed of the bill.


Any tax restructuring needs to ensure our educational institutions are strong and properly funded, and our tax system should, most of all, be fair with ALL sectors of our economy funding the needs of our growing state.


We are glad that our voices and yours have been heard. We look forward to the discussion with our colleagues in the coming months, working together to make better policy for our state and ensuring tax fairness for all.

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