Utah Democrats Saddened by the Loss of Civil Rights Icon Robert “Archie” Archuleta

Media Statement For Immediate Release: January 25, 2019 Contact: Ross Chambless, Communications Specialist Utah House Democratic Caucus (385) 228-5483 | rosschambless@le.utah.gov Jon Hennington Utah Senate Democratic Caucus 801-214-4611 | jhennington@le.utah.gov Utah Democrats Saddened by the Loss of Civil Rights Icon Robert “Archie” Archuleta SALT LAKE CITY – Utah House and Senate Democrats are saddened by the passing of longtime civil rights leader and educator Robert “Archie” Archuleta, who was 88. Archuleta was a kindhearted and passionate advocate for many in our community whose voices have been marginalized. He was an outspoken leader for hardworking Utahns, and he

Senate Minority Leader Commends Re-Opening of Government

I am pleased congressional leaders and President Trump have reached an agreement to re-open the government so our valued workers can return to their jobs, receive their much-needed paychecks and feed their families. The critical employees who have been working without pay should be commended for their dedication and patience during the longest government shutdown in history. The month-long shutdown has caused financial harm to hundreds of thousands of federal workers, and the prospect of this crisis continuing could have devastating effects on our economy, as well as the safety of our country. I urge our leaders to pass a budget and negotiate border security through the regular legislative p

Senate Minority Leader Calls for Immediate End to Government Shutdown

For more than three weeks now, a vast number of Utah’s federal employees and contractors have been held financial hostage by the current government shutdown. Thousands of federal employees are currently furloughed or are being forced to work without compensation until after the shutdown ends. Federal contractors will never be compensated for their losses. These people are our neighbors, our relatives, our friends. They deserve better than to be treated as pawns in a political squabble. The United States House of Representatives has already passed legislation to reopen the government, and the Senate could do so if its leadership willed it. This has gone on long enough. This shutdown has alrea

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