Senator Escamilla Shares Thoughts on Prison Relocation to SLC

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Senator Escamilla

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Senator Luz Escamilla
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Sad Day for Salt Lake City, its Residents and its Leaders

Salt Lake City –Senator Luz Escamilla voices overwhelming frustration with
location announcement by the Prison Relocation Commission and issues the
following statement:
“I am truly disappointed with the news that the Prison Relocation
Commission has selected Salt Lake City as the site for the building of the
new state prison,” exclaims Senator Escamilla. “The residents and leaders
of Salt Lake City have been loud and clear when opposing this possible
west side relocation site.”

“I feel a big mistake is being made to build a state prison in this
limited available space area when we should be developing this area for
economic development purposes. The west side of Salt Lake City has been a
helpful and responsible neighbor and stepped up to house the only State
Parole Violator Center (The Fortitude Treatment Center) and several
halfway houses. Instead of this area being asked to bear the
disproportionate burden of having these types of facilities in their
community, the only fair choice would be that the rest of the state share
this responsibility.”

“I believe this matter is not finished, and I am hopeful members of the
state legislature will consider the importance of a more appropriate
relocation site for the state prison than the west sideof Salt Lake City.
I will be sure to remind them that this vote is a vote on the site and
location, not on prison reform or our state’s criminal justice reform.”


Senator Mayne Kicks Off Utah Safety Week 2015

Against a construction site background for today’s press conference, Senator Karen Mayne kicked off Utah Safety Week, a week of celebration and support to continue Utah’s emphasis on job safety for our workers.   “Our companies, our Legislature, and our Governor came together to promote workplace safety to make it possible for our workers to go to work in the morning and go home whole,” remarked Senator Mayne today at the press conference.  Events are planned for the entire week, culminating with Utah Safety Council’s 2nd Annual Night Out with the Salt Lake Bees.

Workers Compensation Fund sponsored an essay contest and awarded scholarships to the following winning students.

Jordan Miles
Caleb Curtis
Aleisha Keller

DSC_0015 DSC_0024 DSC_00442015 Work Safety Week Flyer

Senator Davis Op-ed: Fully Expand Medicaid to Truly Help Needy Utahns

Senator Gene Davis recently had an Op-Ed published in the Salt Lake Tribune (March 10th, 2015).  Davis 2013

This Op-Ed explains his position concerning the several health care bills that have been brought before the legislature this session. As the session ended without any resolution concerning health care, we, as the Utah Senate Democrats, want you share this Op-Ed with you.

Below is Senator Gene Davis’ Op-Ed in it’s entirety. The link follows below and we encourage you to share.

Op-ed: Fully expand Medicaid to truly help needy Utahns

As the Utah Legislature winds down, one major issue remains before us — deciding if and how the state of Utah will provide access to health care for those at the lower end of the economic scale.

Before us is Healthy Utah, a program that many have touted as the solution. Healthy Utah provides health care coverage to 199,000 people with federal tax dollars for two years and then dead-ends. At the end of
those two years,we will be putting thousands of lives in jeopardy as we will need to have the same debate we are having today — if and how Utah will provide access to health care for many of its citizens.

I recently had a conversation with a young woman who was gainfully employed and had access to health insurance from her employer. Then she became ill and, consequently, she lost her job. Now her only option for health care is through the emergency room, where she has amassed $250,000 in medical debt. She cannot afford the tests needed to diagnose her health problems. Many people find themselves in similar situations without access to needed health care. Healthy Utah, utilizing federal dollars for premium subsidies, would provide health insurance to many individuals; but my huge concern with Healthy Utah is the large amount of money needed for deductibles and co-pays, which results in large annual out-of-pocket expenses.

During this 2015 session, I offered Senate Bill 83, Robust Utah (full Medicaid expansion). This bill provides an ongoing program that allows access to Medicaid coverage for eligible individuals. In the state of Utah, 199,000 individuals would be able to access health care starting in 2016. Each year using 90 percent federal dollars and 10 percent Utah dollars, an average of $500 million (with a five-year total of nearly $3
billion) would be placed into the state’s economy. Under the Affordable Care Act, the state has the opportunity to accept the expansion of Medicaid (Robust Utah) and provide access for those living below 138
percent of the federal poverty line. That means a family of four with an annual income of $33,465 or under would be eligible. Healthy Utah, while covering the same number of people, essentially subsidizes the health insurance industry, requires enrollees to accumulate large amounts of out-of-pocket expenses, and dead-ends after two years.

I have proposed Robust Utah because I have noted Healthy Utah’s incredible downfalls. Robust Utah is all about access. Robust Utah provides health care access well into the future. It ensures that individuals who work hard can get the health care they need. Utah still has a consequential choice to make this legislative session. Do we, as a state, provide affordable health care coverage to Utah’s citizens, including the working

Sen. Gene Davis is a Democrat representing South Salt Lake and parts of Salt Lake City, West Valley City and Murray in the Utah Senate.

link to article:

Our 2015 Interns were Amazing!

The Senate Minority team at the end of the 2015 Legislative session! 

It takes teamwork and a whole lot of energy to make it all come together!

z1We could NEVER do this without our interns, they are the BEST!


Top Row: Janeen Halverson, James Dabakis, Karen Mayne, Gene Davis, Jani Iwamoto, , Luz Escamilla, and Sylvie Batchelor.

Bottom Row (our AMAZING Interns!) Connor Yakaitis, JC Hamilton, Katie Crawford, Nick Hagen, and Viviana Felix .


8 Days are Left in the 2015 Utah Legislative Session

This week will be the “defining week of the session for the Senate,” states Ric Cantrell, Senate Chief of Staff.

As a legislative group, we are looking at healthcare, clean air, gas taxes, and shock of all shocks; a medicinal cannabis bill introduced by conservative Senator Mark Madsen (R) Lehi.

To date, we, as the Utah Senate Democrats, have put out more press releases than all of last session, over 250 Facebook Posts and as many tweets, and added nearly 200 fans to our Facebook page, ‘Utah Senate Democrats’.

We have introduced, tabled and passed bills on healthcare, clean air, worker safety, biological father protections, LGBT anti-discrimination, home owner rights and making rooster fighting a felony in Utah.

As we move into the final days, we ask you to follow our Facebook page and Twitter so as to better communicate with us and let us know what is important you.  Finally? Please remember we are humbled to serve and dedicated to hard work.2015-Senators v2

Utah Senate Democrats Anticipate 2015 State of State Address from Governor Herbert

On Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City tonight Utah Senate Democrats are anticipating Governor Gary Herbert’s State of the State Address in hopes that Governor Herbert will address key issues important to the citizens of Utah, not only during the 2015 legislative session, but the long-term future as well.

The Democrat Senators have identified 4 areas of critical importance for the 2015 legislative session:


“Education is the greatest public infrastructure the state can provide, Utah needs to reinvest in our education system.” – Gene Davis

“I look forward to good legislation this session that will include additional funding to enhance teaching and auxiliary staff that work together to support the whole student. The students of Utah need us to pay attention to this.” – Senator Karen Mayne

Affordable and accessible health care:

Senator Gene Davis

“I want full Medicaid expansion and have sponsored a bill in support of that. Full Medicaid expansion allows for better access to quality healthcare. Full expansion will provide more coverage to more people who need it. I believe this bill has merit and should be state law. It is a better way to provide healthcare access to the citizens of Utah.”

SB 83 – Medicaid Expansion Proposal – Amend UT Health Code to expand Medicaid eligibility

Environment / Air Quality:

Senator Gene Davis

SB 87 – Environmental Protection Amendments – Repeals current laws so Utah is allowed to establish stronger rules than the federal Clean Air Standard.

Senator Luz Escamilla

(not numbered) – Air Quality Rules and Penalties

Increases air regulations and increases penalties for unlawful incineration.

Senator Jim Dabakis

SB 105 – Public Lands Act Amendments – Requires attorney general to file petition by 6/30/15 demanding determination of ownership of public lands

Senator Jani Iwamoto

SB 49 – Bear Lake Sovereign Lands Amendments – amends provisions for launching and retrieving a vessel on Bear Lake and transporting individuals or equipment near Bear Lake

Economic development with a strong commitment to families and a living wage:

Senator Karen Mayne

“We need to focus on GOOD JOBS, COMPETITIVE WAGES and a SKILLED WORKFORCE. It is our mandate to protect, enhance, serve and sustain the citizens of Utah.”

SB 44 – Construction Trades Licensing Amendments – Amends UT Construction Trades Licensing Act to prohibit unincorp entity that is subject to the act from assessing a management fee; addresses penalty for assessing management fee in violation of bill

SB 50 – Railroad Revisions – Enacts provisions prohibiting railroad from operating freight train unless it has crew of at least 2 people; specifies certification requirements

Senator Luz Escamilla

SB 10 – Compact for Interstate Sharing of Putative Father Registry Information – Creates the Compact registry for sharing putative (biological) father information

Senator Jim Dabakis

SB99 – Public Accommodation Fairness Act – Prohibits discrimination in a place of public accommodation on basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression



Senate Democrats Elect Caucus Leadership for 2015

Utah Senate Democrats met on November 11, 2014 to organize their caucus and elect leadership for 2015. Senator Davis, along with Senators Mayne, Robles and Dabakis, welcomed Senator-elect Jani Iwamoto. “She comes to the Senate with great public policy experience and a strong commitment and dedication to serving her constituents,” remarked Senator Davis.

The new leadership team is as follows:

  • Senator Gene Davis, Senate Minority Leader
  • Senator Karen Mayne, Senate Minority Whip
  • Senator Luz Robles, Assistant Senate Minority Whip
  • Senator Jim Dabakis, Senate Minority Caucus Manager

Senator Davis remarked, “I appreciate the support of the caucus Democrats in re-electing me as leader. I look forward to working with Senate President Niederhauser and the leadership on the other side of the aisle. Utah legislators as a whole will be faced with many tough issues this coming legislative session, and our caucus looks forward to collaborating with our counterparts on resolving these issues for the betterment of the state of Utah.”


2015 Utah Senate Democrat Legislative Leadership


Senators Dabakis, Davis, Mayne, Iwamoto and Escamilla


Leadership Selfie

Having some fun with a leadership selfie!


Departing Words with Senator Pat Jones


Her first Utah Legislative Session: 2000 as a house representative; 2007 as a senator

Her last: 2014

Number of elections she won: 5

Education: Olympus High School | B.S., Journalism, University of Utah

Career: Business owner, professional focus group moderator

Family: Husband, Dan E. Jones; 2 daughters & 2 stepdaughters; 2 sons & 1 stepson; 10 grandkids

What advice do you have for people who want to run for office?

 Just do it! Get involved and run for office! When you are a legislator, you really find out who you are. It is not a spectator sport, it helps you understand your values and what is important to you.

You will learn how the legislative system works and make incredible friends. The legislative staff is incredible. You learn how dedicated the people are who work at the Utah Capitol. It is a beautiful atmosphere.

Just being in this building requires you to stand up for what you believe in, but it is also important to be someone who can work across the aisle (with the opposite party) on issues that really make a difference in people’s lives.

Bills she’s most proud of:

  • Education funding efforts
  • Strengthened financial literacy
  • Protecting seniors from abuse and fraud
  • Established the commission on aging
  • Health & disease prevention; limit minors from tanning salons

What are your plans after your term ends?

I might run for something else. I’m weighing my options. This is a year of transition.

Thank you to our interns | 2014 Legislative Session

Thank you to our Utah Senate Democrats interns for the 2014 Utah Legislative Session.

We appreciated your hardIntern Collage work. All the best in achieving your dreams.

Esther Blanco, a Salt Lake City resident, interned for Senator Gene Davis. Her favorite day is her birthday and favorite color is purple! Born in Venezuela, she is a University of Utah student studying political science and finance. She loves modeling and Beyonce.

Her goal: She wants to go to law school.

Keith Stott, a Salt Lake City resident, interned for Senator Karen Mayne. He likes most music and the color green! From Arkansas, he’s a University of Utah student studying social work. He’s married with a baby boy and loving life.

His goal: He wants to go to law school.

Patricio Panuncio, a Salt Lake City resident, interned for Senator Luz Robles. He loves caviar and the color green! Born in Argentina, he’s a University of Utah student studying political science.

His goal: He wants to go to law school.

Sylvie Batchelor, a Salt Lake City resident, interned for Senator Pat Jones. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes. A Utah native, she’s a University of Utah student studying political science and international studies. Her favorite color is aqua.

Her goal: She wants to run for office.

Zaida Hill, a Provo resident, interned for Senator Jim Dabakis. Her favorite food is Chinese. Her favorite colors are sea green and hot pink. Zaida is proud of her good grades. From Michigan, she’s a Brigham Young University student studying political science. She loves folk and indie music.

Her goal: She wants to run for office.

45 Days – By Sylvie Batchelor, 2014 Intern to Senator Pat Jones

45 days Sylvie  Collage

It is crazy that we have reached the last day of the 2014 Legislative session! In the beginning, it feels like the busy days will never end, but now that they almost have. I am sad to say goodbye.

Throughout this process, I have grown more than I could have imagined. I have learned the process inside and out and made meaningful friendships. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Senator Patricia Jones. She is an amazing mentor and has taught me valuable lessons for my future career goals.

One day I plan to run for office. I will be sitting at one of those desks and have more responsibility than ever before. But I am sure that this experience has equipped me with the knowledge I need to make a difference in this environment.

In these 45 days, I have learned that our legislators are under-appreciated and perhaps misunderstood. I have witnessed such a sense of camaraderie and impeccable work ethic. What our legislators have done in 45 days for this state is astounding. Thank you to everyone for making this the best experience for me.