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Our constituents are our most important consideration. We listen to you. Your opinions matter, and we want to hear from you.We believe in open government. Our caucuses are open to the public, and anyone interested is welcome to attend. Every citizen is important to us, and we will advocate for everyone in the communities we represent, particularly those who lack the ability to access necessary services. We boldly support public education for Utah’s school-age children. We believe a positive future for Utah lies in the hands of our well-educated posterity.

Senate Democrat Caucus

The 2017 General Legislative session is here! To follow along or even look back on the previous session, be sure to check it out at le.utah.gov!. We archive every single legislative meeting online so you can watch/listen back to what happened during session!

Senate Democrats this session.....


We are approaching the halfway mark of the 2017 General Session. It is always great to hear your views on the issues we are addressing on the Hill.

I will be participating in several upcoming Town Hall events. I hope that you will join me.



Murray Chamber of Commerce Town Hall
Intermountain Medical Center, Doty Education Center (Building 6)
5121 Cottonwood St, Murray, UT 84107
February 11, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Legislative Town Hall
February 11, 2017 @ 3:00 PM
Westminster College
1840 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Women’s State Legislative Council of Utah General Meeting
Copper Room, East Senate Building, Utah State Capitol
February 15, 2017 @12:00 PM

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This week was filled with bills!

Three of my bills, SB18, SB57, and SB62, were passed through the House and are on their way to the Governor’s office.

Several more bills were introduced in the Senate and passed through committee, including SB103, SB120, SB133, SB138, SB155, SB164, and SB165. These bills address issues including worker and construction site safety, UTA transparency, and local government issues. I am proud to introduce legislation that benefits our workers and businesses.

In addition to passing these bills, I honored the Workplace Safety Committee for their efforts and dedication to educating the public about safe work practices. They joined me on the Senate Floor and were met with a standing ovation.

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This week in Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee I presented my appropriations requests for The INN Between and the Utah Infertility Resource Center. I also attended the American Indian Caucus Day Lunch where Sen. Van Tassel discussed bills he’s running that affect Utah’s Native American population.

I presented two of my bills in committee this week, SB74 Medical Interpreter Amendments and SB161 Bullying and Hazing Amendments.

I attended the Women in the Economy Commission lunch where I presented some of the bills and appropriations requests I am doing that affect women specifically and presented my bullying bill at Educator Day at the Hill. To try and relax from this crazy week, I took my family to Clark Planetarium for Legislator Night, which was really fun!

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I always enjoy each Legislative session. I meet so many new people and hear their personal testimonies. I’m also passionate about getting young people involved in the political process. See what I’m working on at www.senatordabakis.com.

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This week, I introduced SCR7, a concurrent resolution honoring the patriotic service of Japanese-Americans during World War II and urging the United States Postmaster General to issue a commemorative postage stamp honoring the service of more than 33,000 Japanese Americans.
The resolution passed unanimously in both chambers and will be sent to the Governor for his signature.

I am continuing my work on many other bills and committees this session. I look forward to sharing more of what I am working on as the session progresses.

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