Intern Corner: Bow Tie Friday’s

By Tyler Anderson, Intern for Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero

For those of you who know me for my usual hard-hitting, journalistic blog posts on the global environmental crisis, Mormon food storage, or, most recently, sharks, this post might come as a bit of a surprise. The truth is that while legislative interns may be known for their expert policy analysis, precise schedule management, and the ability to juggle multiple complex tasks simultaneously,  we also like to have fun. This is why I am joining with my House intern colleagues (as well as lobbyist interns) to sponsor the event: Bow Tie Fridays. Continue reading

Intern Corner – Are Interns Like Sharks?

Tyler Anderson

By Tyler Anderson, Intern for Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero

I don’t mean are we are large, aquatic, and viciously predatory? –Although certainly when we smell the possibility of free food we do rapaciously circle lobbyists’ tables. This week we had McDonalds.

Instead I am referring to the fact that for most sharks, in order to breathe, they must be continually swimming at all times. If they don’t move, they drown. Continue reading

Intern Corner – A Visit from Hawthorne Elementary

By Taylor Mayron, Intern for Senator Ben McAdams

Today, the State Senate received a visit from Hawthorne Elementary School’s first graders.  After a tour of the Capitol, Senator McAdams formally recognized the schoolchildren, and I had the privilege of answering some very important questions for them before their departure. Continue reading

Intern Corner: Democrats Opening Press Conference

(Editor’s note:  Occasionally we will invite our interns to contribute to our blog.  Today we hear from communications intern Eric Leckman and get his impressions on the Democrats’ opening press conference.)

Utah Senate Democratic Communications Intern Eric Leckman

Utah Senate Democratic Communications Intern Eric Leckman

Today Utah Legislative Democrats unveiled their slogan for the  2011 Utah Legislative session, “Common Sense Solutions for Utah”, which is always a more than welcome concept up on the hill. Continue reading