Should kids who are legal immigrants wait for health care?

Holladay • On their 10th attempt, Vitalina and Harold Lazarus finally won the immigration lottery to come to the United States from Ukraine.

They and their three children landed in Salt Lake City in March, and set about building the life they’d dreamed about for a decade.

Harold Lazarus got two jobs as a certified nursing assistant, and his wife took English classes so she can eventually put her economics degree to use.

The family gets by but would be in a world of hurt if the parents or children were to get sick.

“I always worry about breaking leg,” says Vitalina Lazarus, gesturing toward Davian, 3, and Daniel, 5. “They’re boys. They always jump.”

The couple also has Lina, 8, who on Friday was video-messaging with her father, a medical student who has returned to Ukraine for this semester’s classes.

The Lazaruses, say advocates, are just the kind of immigrant family for whom the Utah Legislature should string a safety net.

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Senator Luz Robles – Soldiers could have property taxes waived

From the Salt Lake Tribune
by Lee Davidson

Members of the military who deploy out-of-state would have their property taxes waived temporarily under a proposal in the Legislature.

The Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee on Wednesday unanimously approved both SJR8 and SB116 and sent them to the full Senate. SJR8 is a constitutional amendment — which must pass by two-thirds majorities in both houses and be approved by voters — to allow the change, and SB116 is a statute needed to implement it.

“This will certainly make a big difference” to the families of military members who are deployed away from home, said Sen. Luz Robles, D-Salt Lake City, who is sponsoring the legislation. “We felt this would be a great opportunity to say thanks to them.”

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Senator Robles Working for Utah’s veterans



For more information, contact:
Emily Bingham Hollingshead
Communications Director, Utah Senate Democrats
Ph: 435.590.9961

Senator Luz RoblesSenator Luz Robles presents bills supporting the men and women of the military

SALT LAKE CITY, January 24, 2012 – Senator Luz Robles, D—Salt Lake City (District 1) will present two pieces of legislation that will affect Utah’s military personnel.   The bills will be presented to the Senate Revenue & Taxation Committee today, and will expand a property tax exemption to military members who have performed military service in a combat zone.


“Utah’s men and women who serve in the military make a tremendous sacrifice on behalf of our country,” said Senator Robles.  “I think it’s important that we do whatever we can to help them here at home.  Extending certain property tax exceptions to qualified military personnel is one way we can do that.”


Robles’ two bills will be heard at the 4:00 pm committee in Room 250 at the State Capitol


SJR008 Joint Resolution on Property Tax Exemption for Military Personnel


SB0116 Armed Forces Property Tax Exemption

Who: Senator Luz Robles

What: Presentation of SJR008 and SB0116

Where: State Capitol, Room 250

When: 4:00pm




Par Excellence Award for Senator Robles

Senator Luz RoblesYesterday, Senator Luz Robles received the 2011 Par Excellence Award from the University of Utah Alumni Association.  Senator Robles has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and a master’s degree in public administration from the University.  Only three years after completing her education, she was elected to the Utah State Senate, District One.  She is currently vice president and Hispanic/Latino market manager at Zions Bank.  Click here to read all about Senator Robles’ Par Excellence Award.