He’s Up for the Battle!

The Winner!

We reported last month that Senator Ed Mayne has lung cancer. Well, he’s up for the battle! He’s handling his chemotherapy splendidly, and he’s rebounding quickly. His goal is to be in remission by August. Since his hair was beginning to fall out (from chemo), Senator Mayne decided to have a little fun with it.

At the Taste of Kearns event earlier this month, Senator Mayne, donned in boxing gloves, lathered and shaved his head on the football field while spectators cheered. Then he hugged his wife, his kids, his grandkids, his dad, Democrats :o), and everybody.

The Taste of Kearns celebration is a traditional event held at Kearns High School honoring accomplishments of education, educators, students, community groups, and leaders. About 6,000 people were in attendance. The event features entertainment, displays, booths, games, a pet show, antique cars, and of course, LOTS and LOTS of HOT DOGS!

Senator Mayne is a celebrity and hero in his Senate District. He thanks everyone for their messages, letters, comments, and most of all, for their prayers on his behalf. He loves you all!

Getting ReadyLathered UpHugging Mayor CarroonWith Dad

He’s at the Capitol…

Mayne taking a Personal PrivilegeSenator Mayne was at the Capitol yesterday attending his meetings, confirming the governor’s appointments, and enjoying lunch with our caucus. (In case you just tuned in, Senator Mayne announced last week he has lung cancer and has begun chemotherapy.)

On the Senate floor, he asked for a Personal Privilege to address his colleagues in the Senate. Senator Mayne thanked his fellow senators and the staff for their expressions of concern in the form of telephone calls, cards, etc. With the assistance of an excellent medical team, colleagues, friends, and family (particularly the female caretakers of the family!), he has a positive outlook.

Way to go Senator Mayne!

Health Update

Statement from Senator Ed Mayne:

Senator Ed MayneAs you know, a number of legislators were ill during the session. Many were treated for pneumonia, and Senator Ed Mayne, also visited his doctor last week with pneumonia-like symptoms. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and a CT scan of his lungs.

While being treated for pneumonia, the CT scan picked up evidence of cancer in his right lung. The bad thing is that Ed has cancer; the good thing is that the cancer was detected early. Senator Mayne has undergone ten days of testing to determine diagnosis and now has started aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

With early detection and a great medical team in charge, Ed and his wife Karen feel the outlook is positive. They will appreciate your prayers of support. In talking with his Democratic nurse, she informed Ed that anybody who works or is involved in the health care industry who doesn’t support Democrats is crazy/uninformed. :o)

Recent experiences among persons of local and national notoriety have raised cancer awareness in 2007. Senator Mayne hopes his own experience will provide an incentive for everybody to monitor their health by having regular physical exams and cancer screenings, the keys to prevention and early detection.

Senator Ed Mayne

Senator Mayne has served in the Utah State Senate since 1995. We love Ed. For a warm, personal look at Ed and Karen Mayne, take a look at his website www.edmayne.com. Ed, our prayers are with you.

The Senate Democrats