Eddie P. Mayne Senior Center

Eddie P. Mayne Senior CenterSalt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon and members of the Salt Lake County Council have a new name for the Kearns Senior Center.  Its new name is the Eddie P. Mayne Senior Center, in honor of the late Senator Ed Mayne.  Mayor Corroon said, “We rarely dedicate buildings after people, but Ed certainly deserved this honor.”   Senator Mayne, his wife, and his father were instrumental in establishing the center.

His wife, Senator Karen Mayne, said her husband “always felt he had a charge to take care of the people here and make sure their needs were met.”

Read all about it in the Taylorsville/Kearns Journal.

Ed Mayne Stadium

The football stadium at Hunter High School, home of the Wolverines, has been renamed the Ed Mayne Stadium in honor of the late Senator Ed Mayne.  Our current Senator Mayne, Karen, and her family attended the ceremony renaming the stadium.

Senator Karen Mayne said, “As I looked into the bleachers and saw friends and family coming together to celebrate this good man, I know he would have been overcome with appreciation and pride.”

Senator Ed Mayne was a loyal Wolverine fan and was instrumental in securing lighting for the stadium a few years ago.

Ed Mayne Stadium


Ed Mayne Stadium Scoreboard

Honoring Senator Ed Mayne

A special monument in honor of the late Senator Ed Mayne was presented to his wife, Senator Karen Mayne, last month by the Polynesian Youth Group as part of the Samoan Heritage Festival. The monument will have a permanent home at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. Senator Karen Mayne spoke at the event. For full details, click here to view a recent article published in the West Valley Journal.

Ed Mayne Monument

Senator Karen Mayne, Monument Unveiling

A Deserving Father of the Year

Senator Ross Romeroby Senator Ross Romero
District 7

Senators Karen and Ed MayneTonight the American Diabetes Association, through its Utah Chapter, will recognize and honor Senator Ed Mayne as a 2008 Father of the Year. While I did not know Senator Mayne as well as many (having served only 2 years with him in the Senate), I was deeply touched by his family’s openness and love which was evident during the funeral services. It was during these services I came to learn more about Senator Mayne, the husband and father. My respect and admiration for Senator Mayne, the father, grew as I heard from his children during the services as I saw how much they cared for him as a father and how well he had helped guide them to where they are. Similarly, having had the opportunity to serve with Senator Karen Mayne, I have come to see and hear in her the strength and support laid by the foundation and service of the late Senator Mayne. It is therefore truly befitting that the American Diabetes Association is recognizing Senator Mayne as a Father of the Year.

As we approach Father’s Day in a little over a week, it is my hope that we will not only honor our fathers but encourage their good health and exercise. The American Diabetes Association’s website www.diabetes.org offers a lot of important information about diabetes prevention and nutritional recommendations. Some of the recommendations include eating fish 2-3 times a week, drinking water and diet drinks, moderating portion sizes, taking the stairs and not the elevator, taking brisk walks, and reading food labels so you can measure what you are eating. Encouraging our father’s to think about their health through exercise and good health may be the best gift you can give and one that will ultimately be more appreciated than the tie that is returned because it was not the “correct size.”

Again, congratulations to the Mayne family for Ed’s recognition, and thank you for supporting him as he served to benefit all of Utah’s families. I would also like to thank the American Diabetes Association not only for its excellent award selection but for reminding us about the importance of good health.

She’s Doing It!

Karen MayneSenator Karen Mayne was featured today in The Salt Lake Tribune in an article entitled, “Karen Mayne tries to carry on for beloved late husband as conscience of the Senate.”

Well, she’s not just “trying.” She’s doing it. Senator Mayne knows the process and cares about her constituents–just like her late husband, Senator Ed Mayne. She hardly needs coaching at all.

She has already surveyed her district and held a standing-room-only town meeting last weekend, attended by over 100 people. Senator Mayne has defined her priorities and is ably filling the shoes of her husband, Senator Ed Mayne.

Responsible Transportation Policies

by Senator Karen Mayne
District 5

Senator Karen MayneTransportation is the life stream of our citizens. Without dependable and accessible transportation, commerce and our quality of life would be in jeopardy. We as citizens require and deserve affordable and effective modes of mobility. Keeping our highways in good repair is a must. Encouraging and supporting all avenues of transportation are critical. Our goal is to maintain free-flow travel for our state. Planning ahead, making wise and bold decisions, will guarantee good transportation policies. We favor more east-west highways in Salt Lake County and toll-free travel.