Shadow a School Nurse Program

Senator Mayne at News ConferenceSenator Karen MayneThis morning, Senator Karen Mayne, Granite School District Superintendent Dr. Stephen Ronnenkamp, and Ms. Jamie Ferdinand of the Utah School Nurse Association announced the launch of the “Shadow a School Nurse Program.”  Linda Hansen, Region 5 Director for Utah PTA, and Debbie Guymon, Region 5 Associate Director for Utah PTA, were also in attendance and support the “Shadow a School Nurse Program.”  (Region 5 is comprised of schools in Granite School District).  The news conference was held at Oquirrh Hills Elementary School in Kearns.   

Each day, school nurses provide vital medical care for students who contend with health and emotional issues.  Equally vital is funding for school nurses.  Beginning in October, the “Shadow a School Nurse Program” will provide opportunities for legislators to shadow school nurses at the schools in their legislative districts to experience first hand how a school nurse spends his/her day.  The importance of school nurses cannot be over-emphasized. 

 Following the news conference, attendees shadowed the school nurse at Oquirrh Hills Elementary School, Janet Bryner.  Mrs. Bryner provided medical care for students at Oquirrh Hills who have diabetes.  She checked their blood sugar to determine if and when insulin should be administered.  Mrs. Bryner provides medical services at nine schools in Granite District. 

 Senator Mayne expresses her appreciation to Oquirrh Hills Elementary Principal Vicki Ricketts and others in the school who facilitated this news conference.

Superintendent Ronnenkamp and Senator Mayne

Linda Hansen, Utah PTA; Senator Mayne; Debbie Guymon, Utah PTA

The Group
The Group

Nurse Bryner & Kimberly Rodriquez
School nurse Janet Bryner asks Kimberly Rodriguez to call her mom
about this morning’s insulin dose.

Nurse Bryner & Cade Cummings
School nurse Janet Bryner helps Kade Cummings check his blood sugar.

Nurse Bryner and Senator Mayne
Senator Karen Mayne and School Nurse Janet Bryner

Senator Mayne and Principal Vicki Ricketts
Senator Karen Mayne and Oquirrh Hills Elementary Principal Vicki Ricketts

Thanks from the Kids
Thanks from the kids

Senator Mayne–Eleanor Roosevelt Award Recipient

Senator Karen MayneState Senator Karen Mayne has been chosen by the Utah State Democratic Party as this year’s recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Award.  Senator Mayne will be recognized at a luncheon October 22, 2009.

In the Utah Legislature, Senator Mayne works effectively with legislators on both sides of the aisle.  Senator Mayne is an advocate for Utah’s families, and she capably represents her constituents in Senate District Five.  She exemplifies the high standards and compassionate philosophy of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Congratulations, Senator Mayne!  You are certainly deserving of this prestigious award.

SLCC Honors Senator Mayne

Senator Karen Mayneby Senator Karen Mayne
Assistant Senate Minority Whip
District 5 

 I am honored that Salt Lake Community College recently presented me with an award as a 2009 Legislative Champion.  However, I am even more grateful to have Salt Lake Community College as a part of my District 5.  With their commitment to changing people’s lives through education, and their dedication to serving Utah as the largest two-year community college in the state, Salt Lake Community College is undoubtedly the jewel of my senate district.

Salt Lake Community College and I share a common interest in helping to prepare the students of today for the jobs of tomorrow.  I have had the opportunity to work with Salt Lake Community College on apprenticeship programs.  We worked together to help promote Helmets to Hardhats, a program that introduces military veterans to promising trade apprenticeship opportunities.  Whether it is helping military veterans in finding jobs and adjusting to civilian life, or simply helping to educate the next generation of Utah’s students, I hope to continue working with Salt Lake Community College in helping students get the training they need to succeed in our competitive world.  It is my honor and responsibility to nurture and support Salt Lake Community College.

Buy American

Senator Karen Mayneby Senator Karen Mayne
Assistant Minority Whip

I am proud to support “The Resolution to Buy American,” which encourages local governments to buy local and United States products whenever and wherever possible.  If we are going to revive America’s economy, then we must invest the money from the Federal stimulus package to retain existing jobs and maximize the creation of new jobs for the American people.  I believe this economic stimulus money should go back to employing the very people who provided it in the first place – America’s taxpayers.  Furthermore, buying American will help restore economic stability in our local communities and will directly help America’s families.

I have presented this resolution to City Councils and Townships, and they overwhelmingly support our goals because we all share a common interest in keeping America working.  From the construction of towering skyscrapers and the network of America’s highways, to the engineering of the world’s smallest computer chips, America’s greatness has always depended on creating new jobs that utilize our different talents.  Just as Americans persevered through economic hardship in the past, we must do so again now in the present by buying local and American-made goods.

In this time of a troubled economy, we all need to pull together to keep our friends and neighbors working.  We can achieve this by using American products and hiring locally, and in the end, we will refocus and create a better future.
 Click on this link Buy American Resolution to view the resolution.

SLCC Legislative Champion

Senator Karen MayneLast month, Senator Karen Mayne was honored as 2009 Legislative Champion by Salt Lake Community College.  She was among three other legislators who support and embrace the spirit of Salt Lake Community College.  The college is nestled in Senator Mayne’s #5 Senate District.

President Bioteau thanked the senator for helping with legislation enhancing and forming a broader education base.

 Senator Mayne said, “It is my pleasure to serve Salt Lake Community College.  It’s the jewel of my Senate district.”

It’s a Celebration

Governor Huntsman signed SB 73, Unincorporated Areas Amendments (The Township Bill), and SB 15, Workers’ Compensation Premium Assessment and Related Funding, in ceremonial fashion surrounded by many contributors who helped make the ideas become law.  (April 8, 2009)

 Senator Mayne Speaks
Governor Huntsman and Senator Mayne

  Signing SB 73
Governor Huntsman signs SB 73

 SB 73 Attendees
Representative Poulson, Lucille Workman (Senator Jones’ mother), Senator Patricia Jones, Frank Pignanelli, Mayor Peter Corroon, Nichole Dunn and Paul Rogers

  Signing SB 15
Governor Huntsman signs SB 15

Senator Mayne and Friends
Royce Moser, MD; Don Marano, President, IHI Enviromental; Kurt Hegman, MD., Director, Rocky Mountain Occupational and Health Center and Senator Mayne



Helmets to Hardhats Program Day


Helmets to HardhatsThis afternoon, Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr., signed a declaration recognizing Helmets to Hardhats and declared March 30, 2009, as Helmets to Hardhats Program Day.  Helmets to Hardhats is a nonprofit organization hosted by the Center for Military Recruitment, Assessment and Veterans’ Employment (CMRAVE), which connects veterans to promising careers in the construction industry.  Utah is the 27th state to recognize the vital role of Helmets to Hardhats.

Among those accompanying Governor Huntsman today for the signing were Senator Gene Davis; Senator Karen Mayne; Terry Schow, Executive Director, Utah Department of Veterans Affairs; General Jeff Burton, Utah National Guard; Major General Peter Cook, U.S. Army Reserves; Steve Hadley, Veterans Outreach Program, Department of Workforce Services; Darrell Roberts, Executive Director, Helmets to Hardhats; Dale Cox, Operating Engineers Local No. 3; Rob Mason, Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons; Jim Judd, president, AFL-CIO; Darlene Goldman, Salt Lake Community College; Dale Brockbank, U.S. Department of Labor; Mark Biloz, Regional Director, Veterans Administration; and numerous others representing the construction industry and armed services.

Helmets to Hardhats provides training and support to veterans returning from military service to facilitate a smooth transition to civilian life.  Veterans log in to, establish an account, and begin their search for a productive career.  The Helmets to Hardhats staff of construction industry and military professionals help guide veterans through their career search, connecting them with apprenticeship programs and providing career advice.  Many Utah veterans have received this training.  Click here for Ami Joi O’Donoghue’s great article in the Deseret News relating Darrell Robert’s personal military experiences.

Information is also available on the site about the Wounded Warrior program, which supports disabled Veterans by providing the tools, information and community that will help Veterans gain careers in the Building and Construction Industry.

Here are some impressive Helmets to Hardhats statistics for 2008:

Unique Visitors – 320,259 unique visitors to the H2H website, an increase of 13% over 2007.

Registered Veterans – 21,694 veterans as candidates, an increase of 14% over 2007.

Veterans Hired – 1,714 veteran hires through H2H, a 10% increase over 2007; 79 of whom are Wounded Warriors.

Job Searches – 510,527 candidate career searches, a 24% increase over 2007.

Job Applications – 5,713 candidates applied for career positions, a 27% increase.

Utah Career Postings – 28

Registered Utah Veterans – 127 veterans, 13 of whom are Wounded Warriors

Utah Hires – 9

Darrell Roberts, Helmets to Hardhats
Darrell Roberts, Executive Director of Helmets to Hardhats, flanked by Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr., and Major General Peter Cook, U.S. Army Reserves

 Gov. Huntsman Reads the Declaration
Governor Huntsman Reads the Declaration

 Signing the Declaration
Governor Huntsman Signs the Declaration
with Senators Davis and Mayne (on the right)

  The Participants
The Participants

 Goldman, Roberts, and Sen. Mayne
Darlene Goldman, Darrell Roberts and Senator Mayne

 Dale Cox, Sen. Davis and Darrell Roberts
Dale Cox, Senator Davis and Darrell Roberts


SB 73 – “The Best Bill in the Universe”

Senator Karen Mayneby Jessie France
Senator Karen Mayne’s Intern

Electricity was in the air at 10:00 AM today as representatives from Utah’s numerous cities, counties and townships as well as the Utah League of Cities and Towns, The Association of Community Councils Together, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Utah Association of Special Districts, Rio Tinto, and members of the general public all converged on the Senate floor and gallery.  They came to show their support for Senator Karen Mayne’s S.B. 73 – Unincorporated Areas Amendments.  The bill gives citizens of townships a higher degree of self-determination, allowing them to either join a city, or resist being annexed into a city, depending on the will of the people.  Senator Mayne worked to formulate a compromise amongst individuals from the cities, counties, and townships for months, until finally reaching an agreement with everyone this week.

S.B. 73 passed the Senate unanimously with 19 co-sponsors.  The other senators spoke about how this would help benefit their own constituents, and complimented Senator Mayne on bringing everyone together.  As Senate Minority Leader Pat Jones exclaimed, “This has been a very arduous process.  I have to tell you this is a huge issue in the Millcreek area that I represent…I really appreciate what Senator Mayne has done on this.  She has worked tirelessly.”

S.B. 73 not only received praise from Democrats, but also reached across party lines.  Senator Niederhauser stated, “I also applaud those who have worked on this.  In my senate district, I probably have more county islands than any other senate district in the Salt Lake Valley – one of which is near and dear to me, the Granite area.  So I appreciate what Senator Mayne has done and all of those that have worked on this.”

Senator Mayne also complimented all of those who came together: “I would just like to thank all of the people that are involved with this. It has taken skill, it has taken patience, and it has taken love to make this happen.  All of these people from all over the valley have come together for this common purpose.”

After the senators voted on the bill, Senate President Michael Waddoups stated, “First substitute Senate bill 73 having received twenty-six yea votes, zero nay votes, and three being absent passes this body under suspension of the rules and is the best bill in the Universe.”  S.B. 73 will now move to the House where Representative Greg Hughes will be the floor sponsor.
















Sen. Mayne Announces Work Zone Safety Campaign

by Macey Matthews
Session Staff

Westminster Graduate in Communications

Senator Karen MayneToday, Senator Karen Mayne held a press conference to discuss anticipated increases in road construction throughout Utah.  She announced the launch of the Work Zone Safety campaign to improve safety among motorists and road construction crews.  The campaign is a cooperative effort of the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah, Local #3 Operating Engineers, Granite Construction, and the Utah Department of Transportation.

Utah work zone statistics reveal that in 2007, 870 people were injured in work zone accidents, and there were 9 fatalities.  Since 2003, Utah has seen an increase in work zone fatalities, while other states such as Illinois, Arizona, and California have seen a decrease (these states have work zone safety campaigns).  Senator Mayne and these public and private organizations are working together to change the trend.

At today’s press conference, Senator Mayne assisted the Workers Compensation Fund in giving the media a preview of what will be seen throughout Utah on billboards, radio, and television.  Other speakers included Ray D. Pickup, WCF president and CEO, Dale Cox from Local #3 Operating Engineers, and Rich Thorne from the Association of General Contractors.

Senator Mayne expressed appreciation to the State Legislature for its support of transportation in the state of Utah and for its continued effort to make our highways safe.

Press Conference-Senator Mayne

Sign for Work Zone Safety

AND…..just a little added bonus among the supporters behind Senator Mayne!

Added Bonus

Habitat for Humanity’s Check-off Box

If passed, Senator Karen Mayne’s Senate Bill 132 will create a tax check-off box that would help Habitat for Humanity to rebuild homes contaminated with meth.

Habitat for Humanity is an organization designed to provide affordable housing for economically disadvantaged families.  S.B. 132 would provide Habitat for Humanity with another means of achieving this goal in Utah.  As Habitat for Humanity Salt Lake Valley Executive Director Stephen Tagliaferri explained in last Thursday’s Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee hearing, “Seventy-four percent of the families who come through our program are single mothers with children. Eight percent are families with at least one disabled person in the family, and one percent are widowed.”

S.B. 132 not only helps these economically disadvantaged individuals in finding homes, it also helps communities to rebuild contaminated meth homes. The Drug Enforcement Administration estimates that each pound of manufactured methamphetamine produces 5 to 6 pounds of toxic waste.  Sen. Mayne explained, “We feel that once people understand what we are doing, we are helping those communities with meth homes.  We are giving people that need housing a chance to have a home, and we are cleaning up the meth home from beginning to end.”

Rebuilding a Contaminated Meth Home
Habitat for Humanity volunteers rebuild a contaminated meth home.

Unlike most check-off bills, S.B. 132 aims to raise an astounding $30,000 in its first year.  As Sen. John Valentine stated in the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee hearing, “I wish that others who came before us for check-offs would accept that same challenge which is that, ‘listen, we believe in this enough that we can, in the first year, make the $30,000 threshold.’  So I very strongly support the substitute bill.”

Although it will be a great challenge to raise $30,000 this year, Habitat for Humanity is up for the test.  Ed Blake of Habitat for Humanity told the Senators, “I would encourage you to approve our ability to go out there, find thirty thousand people or more to back this, and hopefully be on that check-off box for years to come.”

S.B. 132 passed the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee with a favorable recommendation.  Also, KCPW and ABC 4’s Chris Vanocur both featured stories on S.B. 132, which now goes to the full Senate for consideration.  If S.B. 132 advances to the House, Rep. Jen Seelig will be the floor sponsor.

Senator Mayne and Others
From left to right: Ed Blake, Sen. Karen Mayne,
Stephen Tagliaferri, and ABC 4’s Chris Vanocur