Women Working in Nontraditional Roles

It began with Rosie the Riveter, stated Senator Karen Mayne, as she introduced a number of women on the Senate floor who have chosen nontraditional occupations as a way to meet the challenge of supporting themselves and their families.  Rosie (We Can Do It!) is a cultural icon representing American women who worked in manufacturing plants during World War II.  These women sometimes took entirely new jobs, replacing the male workers who were serving in the military.

Utah Women in Trades (Wow--that reflector tape really works!)

Senator Mayne introduced Katie Leslie, who chose the Sheet Metal program at Ogden-Weber Tech College because there was a waiting list for Cosmetology.  She flew through the program, and with her hands-on experience, entered the apprenticeship program with the layout sheet metal fitting skills of a journeyman.  Katie landed a job with Mechanical Service & Systems, Inc., where she has worked for six years.

Isabell Navarro was devastated when her job at La-Z-Boy would no longer exist.  She scoured through dozens of college materials, and the Heavy Equipment Operator Program at Bridgerland ATC struck an exciting chord with her.  Now, Isabell is the first female heavy equipment operator hired at Nish Rock in Garland, Utah.

Jessee Yesenia, a struggling single mom and former waitress who needed a steady income to support her family, joined the JATC Laborers Apprenticeship program.  Jessee was able to go to school and get paid at the same time learning the flagging trade, making the same money as her coworkers who are men.

Concetta Defa has been an electrician for 15 years.  Concetta’s father passed away when she was 17 years old, and her mother struggled financially to support the family.  When Concetta became an electrician, she was able to help her mother in a way that she couldn’t help herself. 

Everyone’s story is different, but in the end, women are all looking for the same thing–security.  Women can create their own security for themselves and their families.

Read more about women in construction trades in an article by Peg McEntee in The Salt Lake Tribune.

Upcoming Town Meeting with Senator Mayne

by Senator Karen Mayne
Senate District 5

I would like to invite you to join me at a Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, February 12, at 12:00 noon at the Eddie P. Mayne Kearns Senior Center located at 4851 West 4715 South in Kearns.  I want the benefit of your knowledge and experience as I make choices on behalf of the voters in our community.

At the meeting, I want to share what I have learned to date in the Legislature Session.  However, I want to spend most of the time receiving your input.  I look forward to sharing this time and listening to your concerns.  One of my chief priorities as your senator is coming together with you as Westside residents and working together to improve our neighborhoods.  This will be an important time during the Legislative Session to share our vision for our communities and establish our priorities.

A Drug-free Workplace is a Safe Workplace

by Senator Karen Mayne
Assistant Senate Minority Whip
Senate District 5

With the signing of Senate Bill 13, our State projects will have a safe environment for our Utah workers.  SB 13 provides that random drug testing will be used on all our state construction projects.  The problem of drug use in our society and in the workplace poses a threat to us all.  The legislation mandates that workers in safety-sensitive areas submit to random drug testing.  All workers should have a safe place to work and be protected from harm.  The State of Utah has set the standard for responsible hiring and health of our citizens.  Many organizations came together to sponsor this bill, all with the desire to keep our sites accident-free.

I would like to thank Workers Compensation Fund of Utah, Associated General Contractors, UDOT, Operating Engineers Local No. 3, AFL-CIO, Utah Manufacturers Association, Drug-Free Workplace Committee, and the many, many contractors who supported this legislation.

Gov. Herbert Signs SB 13


Habitat for Humanity-Making Houses into Homes

by Senator Karen Mayne
Assistant Senate Minority Whip
Senate District 5

Methamphetamine houses have been an “eye sore” in our neighborhoods and a health issue for all of us.  People have “cooked” drugs in their homes and poisoned the property.  The dangerous fumes contaminate wood, carpets, walls–everything.  Usually, the house is abandoned, and because of the cost of clean-up, the house sits empty.

This is where Habitat for Humanity comes in.  Habitat has the ability to rebuild a clean and healthy home for a new family.  Senate Bill 12 gives our citizens the option for a check-off on their state tax return.  This donation is in a restricted fund for restoration of meth houses.

Habitat for Humanity is in the business of making houses into homes.

Be sure to donate on your 2010 tax return.

Senate Sponsor Mayne & House Sponsor Seelig
SB 12 Sponsor Senator Karen Mayne (left)
House Floor Sponsor Rep. Jen Seelig (right)

Gov. Herbert Signs SB 12
Governor Herbert Signs SB 12

 Southgate Ribbon Cutting
Habitiat for Humanity–Southgate Ribbon Cutting

 Southgate Ground Breaking
Habitat for Humanity–Southgate Ground Breaking


Girl Scout Award for Senator Jones

Today was Girl Scout Cookie Day on the Hill.  Senator Gene Davis introduced the Girl Scouts visiting the Senate Chamber.  The group presented each senator with a box of Girl Scout Cookies.  If senators had a cookie preference, the girls quickly accommodated their requests.

Senator Pat JonesSenator Davis also announced that Senator Pat Jones will be honored by the Girl Scouts next month.  In recognition of Senator Jones’ outstanding service and leadership, she will be honored with the 2010 Girl Scouts of Utah Distinguished Alumnae Award.  The award will be presented to Senator Jones at the Girl Scouts’ International Women’s Day Celebration March 4, 2010, at the Jewish Community Center.

Senator Jones has made incredible contributions to her community through her professional and volunteer endeavors and exhibits the Girl Scout Promise and Law in her daily life.  She is honest and fair, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and makes the world a better place.

Senator Karen Morgan and Senator Karen Mayne are former Girl Scouts, too.  Senator Karen Morgan is a previous recipient of the Girl Scouts of Utah Distinguished Alumnae Award.

Several of our visiting Girl Scouts were from Cottonwood Heights (Senator Morgan’s senate district) and one was from Kearns (Senator Karen Mayne’s senate district).

Congratulations, Senator Jones.

Senators Morgan and Mayne with Girl Scouts
Senators Mayne and Morgan with Girl Scouts

Senator Davis with Girl Scouts
Senator Davis with Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts in Chamber