Senator Mayne Promotes Workplace Safety Week in June in Utah

Senator Karen Mayne held a press conference on February 28 to address legislation in regards to workplace safety, including a measure that designates June 23-29, 2013, as Workplace Safety Week in Utah.

Senator Mayne continues to push workplace safety legislation each year. She is working with several companies, agencies and organizations to create legislation to promote safety in the workplace.

Here are some of her proposals for the 2013 Legislative Session:
Concurrent Resolution Designating a Week to Recognize Workplace Safety, SCR9:
Designates June 23-29, 2013, as Workplace Safety Week in Utah. This resolution is to encourage Utahns to participate in activities that recognize the importance of safety in the workplace, on the road and when using public transportation.
Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Workers’ Compensation Fund for Workplace Safety, SCR2: Recognizes the Workers Compensation Fund and its role in promoting workplace safety and helping injured workers.
Substitute Joint Resolution Concerning Railroad and Railroad Crossing Safety, SJR8: Encourages Utah Driver License Division to include testing and education on safe motor vehicle operation in and around rail lines and railroad crossings.
2012 Legislative Session
Transportation Safety Revisions, SB195: Made laws regarding railroad crossing and automobile traffic uniform.

Supporters of legislation:
• Union Pacific Railway
• Railway Users
• Associated General Contractors
• Home Builders Association
• Associated Building Contractors
• Utah Trucking Association
• Utah Mining Association
• Utah Petroleum Association
• Utah Department of Transportation
• Unified Police
• Retailers Association

Read press release here.

HCR4-Thanks for Helping Combat Wildfires during 2012

Senator Karen Mayne is the Senate sponsor of HCR4, Concurrent Resolution on Utah Wildfires, a resolution of the Legislature and Governor expressing appreciation to the many dedicated individuals from state, federal, and local agencies, and volunteers, for helping combat the state’s many wildfires during the 2012 wildland fire season.  Senator Mayne presented HCR4 on the Senate floor today, and she recognized firefighters from throughout the state of Utah, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U. S. Forest Service who were in attendance.

The 2012 wildland fire season was the busiest we have seen in several years.  In terms of numbers of fires, it was the busiest on record.  Lower than average snow back, along with a dry spring, resulted in unseasonably early fire conditions.  By the time the official fire season started, Utah was experiencing the driest May and June in 30 years.  An unprecedented number of large fires occurred during a two-week period during this time.  Utah averaged a large fire every other day during this period.  A number of records were set this season.  The number of fires was the most on record (1,528 fires) and the number of acres burned (413,626 acres) was well above the ten-year average.  There was a record number of large fires, and a higher than average number of those fires occurred on state and private lands.  (Source Utah Department of Natural Resources)

Senator Mayne recognizes SLCC Culinary Students


Today Senator Karen Mayne recognized students and faculty from Salt Lake Community College’s Culinary Arts Program.  For more than 25 years, the Culinary Arts Program at SLCC has been preparing students for careers as chefs or food and beverage supervisors in a wide range of industries.

For the past three years, through a strong and unique partnership between the SLCC Culinary Institute and the Capitol Preservation Board, these students have been preparing and serving food on Capitol Hill.  They handle the catering for many of the meals served across the Capitol complex, both during the legislative session and throughout the year.

These students are working to earn an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts.  As part of their requirements to graduate, students must have 1,500 hours of on-the-job training in addition to their two years of classroom instruction.  Working on Capitol Hill provides these students with the opportunity to earn 1,000 of those required hours.

During the legislative session, the students will prepare and serve more than 30,000 meals utilizing 2,100 pounds of tater tots, 1,500 pounds of chicken, 500 pounds of cheese, 450 pizzas, and 60 gallons of fry sauce.

Thank you SLCC culinary students and good luck in your future careers!

Adopt a Girl Scout Troop

by Senator Karen Mayne
Senate District 5

With vision for the future of our young women, I adopted Girl Scout Troop #177.  I recall so vividly my summers at Camp Cloud Rim.  I learned to swim in the lake and hike in the mountains.  The skills I learned as a Girl Scout have served me well as an adult, such as citizenship, leadership, and community service.  Selling cookies developed my marketing skills and taught me to count change.  Who knows….I probably use these skills in my work at the Utah State Senate.

If you want to be a part of a young person’s life, adopt a Girl Scout troop.  Call Girl Scouts of Utah for more information at (801) 265-8472.

Know Your Breast Density!

Know your breast density
by Senator Karen Mayne, D–West Valley City 

Every 3 minutes a woman in theUnited Statesis diagnosed with breast cancer.  Every 13 minutes a woman in the U.S.dies from  breast cancer.  38% of breast cancers in the U.S. are diagnosed at a later stage where the cancer has spread beyond the breast.  Breast density is one of the strongest predictors of the failure of mammography screening to detect cancer in the early stages.

Dense breast tissue is comprised of less fat and more connective tissue which appears white on a mammogram.  Cancer also appears white on a mammogram, thus tumors are often hidden behind the dense tissue.  As a woman ages, her breasts usually become more fatty.  Forty percent of women have dense breast tissue, and women with extremely dense breast tissue have a 6 times greater risk of developing cancer than women with fatty breasts.  The good news is that a radiologist can determine from a mammogram if a woman has dense breast tissue.  The disturbing news is that as few as one in 10 women learn about breast density from their physician.

This year, I was pleased to sponsor and pass Senate Bill 31, which recommends that women who have received a mammogram be notified as to whether or not they have dense breast tissue.   The new policy encourages radiologists and physicians to give women more information about our health.  Knowledge is power, and women are smart.  Given the knowledge about our bodies, we will know what to do to take care of ourselves, by seeking out medical professionals who can properly advise us on the next steps to take regarding own health concerns.  However, it is critical that we receive this important information.

The good news is that there are additional cancer screening tools available for women who have been diagnosed with dense breast tissue.  Screening by ultrasound, for example increases detection of cancers at earlier stages in women with this condition.

Breast cancer is a scary diagnosis, but early detection almost always saves lives.  I encourageUtah’s medical community to take the recommendations of Senate Bill 31 and give women all of the necessary information regarding their health.  I also encourage all ofUtah’s women to become more aware of their breast density, to ask questions of your health care provider, and to receive regular mammograms.  If you’re diagnosed with breast density, visit your doctor to discuss more screening options.  It’s a matter of life!




Senator Karen Morgan Responds to State School Board’s Withdrawal of Support for SB 31 – K-3 Class Size Caps


For more information, contact:
Emily Bingham Hollingshead
Communications Director, Utah Senate Democrats

Senator Morgan Issues Response to State School Board’s Withdrawal of Support for SB 31 – K-3 Class Size Caps
SALT LAKE CITY –  Senator Karen Morgan issued the following response today in upon hearing of the State School Board’s withdrawal of support for SB31 K-3 Class Size Caps:
“It is extremely unfortunate and disappointing that the State School Board and State Office of Education have backed off of their support for SB 31, a bill I am sponsoring this legislative session to cap class sizes in Kindergarten through Grade Three.  They state that the bill is “problematic.”  They claim it would be impossible to cap class sizes without additional funding from the legislature.  Their lack of understanding of the state public education budget is what’s problematic.
Additional funding in the amount of $3.2 million dollars will be provided for this bill through the WPU increase to the “above the line” budget items which the Education Appropriations Committee has prioritized.  The class size reduction line item is “above the line”; therefore, it will be increased from the current appropriation of $103,538,700 to $106,200,000.
Utah has the largest class sizes in the nation.  The average pupil-teacher ratio in K-3 classes is 1 to 27.  Many K-3 classes have more than 30 students enrolled.  This is unacceptable and must change.  It’s time for the State Board of Education to be accountable for lowering class sizes.  This is in the best interest of the children of Utah.  SB 31 requires schools to enact those caps, or they will not receive class size reduction dollars.  SB 31 insists on accountability for the dollars they receive.  This is the fiscally responsible thing to do.  I urge their reconsideration.”
For more information or interview requests, please contact Emily Hollingshead at 435-590-9961 or

Breast Cancer Screening Bill Passes the Utah Senate & House

SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah House of Representatives passed SB32 last week.  The bill, sponsored by Senator Karen Mayne, D–West Valley City, will encourage medical providers to inform patients of the presence of dense breast tissue and recommend extra screenings to detect possible cancer growth.

The bill previously passed the Utah Senate.   It now goes to the Governor for final signing.

“This will save thousands of lives,” Mayne said.

Utah Fire Caucus Honors Senator Mayne

Last Monday during the fire fighters luncheon at the Capitol, the 2012 Utah Fire Caucus recognized Senator Karen Mayne as “Legislator of the Year.”

Senator Mayne was recognized for her never-ending quest to protect the rights of all workers, consumers, and citizens.  Beginning in her youth, Senator Mayne made it her mission to help others in her community.  She has been instrumental in the creation of several youth programs and women’s support programs, and she has advocated for the elderly.

Senator Mayne is quick to demonstrate her respect and affection for the fire service, knowing that fire fighters are expected to win every time.  She is always willing to battle along side fire fighters and champion their causes.  She stands with them to protect their rights to safe working conditions.

When you hear Senator Mayne call a fire fighter “buddy,” you know she means it—and the fire fighter has earned it.

(excerpts from award presentation by Jack Tidrow,
President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Utah)


Congratulations, Senator Mayne, on this well-deserved honor.