Senator Mayne and Colleagues Visit Utah High Schools

Mayne 2013At the invitation of Senator Karen Mayne, several legislators, Granite School District officials, and a UEA representative visited Granger and Kearns High Schools today.   The objective of today’s visit was to observe the learning environment in these schools, identify areas for improvement, and work on solutions.

Those in attendance today were Senator Mayne, Senator Gene Davis, Senator Howard Stephenson, Senator Aaron Osmond, Representative Greg Hughes, Granite School District Superintendent Martin Bates, Granite School District Assistant Superintendent Mike Fraser, and UEA representative Kory Holdaway.

Channel 13 and Channel 2 reported details.  Legislators, school officials, and students were interviewed.

Award of Excellence for Senator Mayne

Award of Excellence 2013Senator Karen Mayne received the 2013 Award of Excellence In Workplace Safety and Health, in recognition of her exceptional contribution to improving the safety and health of Utah workers.  The award was presented to her by the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, University of Utah School of Medicine.

Congratulations Senator Mayne!


Senator Mayne Supports Workplace Safety Week

“It’s Utah’s first Workplace Safety Week, and it kicked off Monday at one of the largest active construction sites in Salt Lake City.  Lt. Gov. Greg Bell and Utah Senator Karen Mayne, D-District 5, were at the University of Utah’s Ambulatory Care Project to promote safer workplaces.”

More information and photos at:

Karen-Workplace Safety WeekKaren and Lt. Gov. Bell

Workplace Safety Week, June 23-29, 2013

by Senator Karen Mayne
Senate Minority Whip

During the recently completed General Legislative Session of the Utah Legislature, the House of Representatives and the Senate passed SCR 9, Concurrent Resolution Designating a Week to Recognize Workplace SafetyToday, Governor Herbert hosted a ceremonial bill signing of SCR9 and also SCR2, Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Workers Compensation Fund for Workplace Safety.

The week of June 23-29, 2013, will be Workplace Safety Week in the State of Utah.

Working together to make a safe environment for all is our goal.  The cost of an accident, whether financial, emotional, and/or physical, is an injury to all citizens of Utah.  Workplace Safety Week is an added push to enhance safety in the workplace.  Our slogan and goal is to have No Workplace Accidents June 23-29.  A week with NO accidents–a dream come true!

Safety campaigns, media events, and outreach programs are being planned for Workplace Safety Week to inform the public and raise awareness of workplace safety.  We all need to embrace the Culture of Safety in the State of Utah.







Senator Mayne announces release of One-stop Resource Guide

Mayne 2013Yesterday, Senator Karen Mayne announced the release of Your One-Stop Resource Guide After a Layoff.  Senator Mayne developed the Guide in cooperation with the Utah Department of Workforce Services, the Utah Labor Commission, United Way of Salt Lake, Organized Labor, and Rio Tinto.  The Guide provides valuable information about resources available to individuals who have been laid off such as managing finances, securing new employment, family counseling, etc.  Read about it here.  The guide is available at all Workforce Service job centers in the state and also online at

Senator Mayne releases “Your One-Stop Resource Guide After a Layoff”

Senator Karen Mayne and community partners including, Department of Workforce Services (DWS), United Way and 211, Utah Labor Commission, Organized Labor and Rio Tinto, among others, have developed “Your One-Stop Resource Guide After a Layoff” to assist employers or employees who face decisions around changes in the work force.  A press conference will be held tomorrow, May 22, 2013, to announce it’s release.  Details are below.  Click here for complete press release.

Resource Guide for Layoffs To Be Released

State Senator Karen Mayne, DWS to introduce program focused on resources

11 a.m. Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Department of Workforce Services, Administration Building
140 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT

Senator Karen Mayne
Jon Pierpont, Utah Department of Workforce Services Executive Director











2013 Intern Appreciation Day!

Thank you to our awesome Utah Senate Democrats‘ interns!
• Senator Davis’ Interns: Elizabeth Stubbs & Vic Ardiano
• Senator Mayne’s Intern: Keegan Rank
• Senator Jones’ Intern: Taylor Bouchard
• Senator Robles’ Intern: Mario Organista
• Senator Dabakis’ Intern: Ben Ader

Read personal messages from the senators to their interns on Facebook.

Photo by Flawur Media

Utah Senate Democrats Lunch Winners

We were excited to host our first Utah Senate Democrats Lunch Winners on March 1 at the Capitol. We were thrilled both parties were represented!

More than 100 people entered the contest via social media within three weeks. We had a great conversation with the winners over chicken mole enchiladas and chiles rellenos catered by Rico Foods. We discussed education, health care and our own families, among other topics.

The winners were:
• Carlos Vasques of Fruit Heights, Davis County.
• Sarah Al-Obaydi of Salt Lake City.
• Jahn Curran of Salt Lake City, Rose Park.
• Michael Christensen of West Valley City.
• Julie Dole of West Jordan and Salt Lake County Republican Party Chair.