Intern Corner – A Visit from Hawthorne Elementary

By Taylor Mayron, Intern for Senator Ben McAdams

Today, the State Senate received a visit from Hawthorne Elementary School’s first graders.  After a tour of the Capitol, Senator McAdams formally recognized the schoolchildren, and I had the privilege of answering some very important questions for them before their departure. Continue reading

Hinckley’s Intern Report

We just received the Hinckley Institute of Politics’ 2008 Newsletter.  A few of our former interns are mentioned in the newsletter, so we want to mention them here, as well.   

Click on the link above and check them out:

Page 9 –  Zach Fountain – 2008 Intern for Senators Ross Romero and Scott McCoy

Page 9 –  Autumn Orme – 2008 Intern for Senator Patricia Jones

Page 11 – Andrew Gilbert – Fall 2008 Intern for Senator Luz Robles’ Campaign

Page 13 – Zach Fountain – 2008 Capital Encounter Intern, Washington, D.C.

Page 18 – Jesse Nix – 2008 recipient of the Robert H. Hinckley Graduate Sholarship and 2004 Intern for Senator Ron Allen

 Congratulations to all.  We enjoyed working with you during past sessions and wish you the best in your future endeavors.    

Thanks to The Magnificent Seven


The Magnificent Seven
Front Row:  Emily Bennett, Drew Martinez, Michelle Taylor, Matt Beckstead
Back Row:  Jessie France, Reid Luzzader, Scott Sizemore

On the final day of the 2009 Legislative Session, we want to sincerely thank our seven magnificent interns from the University of Utah who have spent the past seven weeks serving the Senate Democrats in the Utah State Senate.  We appreciate the outstanding work of our interns.  It would be impossible to accomplish our legislative tasks without them!

Michelle Taylor is Senator Jones’ intern.
Scott Sizemore is Senator Romero’s intern.
Jessie France is Senator Mayne’s intern.
Drew Martinez is Senator Robles’ intern.
Reid Luzzader is Senator Davis’ intern.
Emily Bennett is Senator Morgan and Senator Goodfellow’s intern.
Matt Beckstead is Senator McCoy’s intern.

Senate Ruler

This legislative session, President Waddoups gave rulers to each Senator displaying the words “Utah State Senate” to hand out to those who have gone beyond the ordinary and have “measured up.”  Well, in President Waddoups’ estimation, our interns have “measured up,” and he gave a signed ruler to each one at noon today.

Measuring Up
President Waddoups with our Interns

Off and running….

 The 2009 General Legislative Session began today at the State Capitol on a snowy day in our capital  city.  It was an enjoyable, ceremonial day.

President Uchtdorf
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, second counselor in the First Presidency of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, offered the morning prayer.
(President and Sister Uchtdorf pictured with Senate Minority Leadership)


Taking the Oath of Office
Newly elected senators took the oath of office.

Minority Leader Jones
New members of the Senate Minority Leadership team
assumed their new responsibilities.

2009 Interns
Session staff and full-time staffers were introduced.
Interns from universities throughout the state were introduced.

Zach’s Whereabouts

Intern Zach Fountain

After finishing his legislative internship with Senator Ross Romero and Senator Scott McCoy this past session, Zachery Fountain secured his first “real world” job. He was hired as the Deputy for Legislation and Communication for the Murray City Mayor’s Office. In particular, he is excited about the opportunity to continue the work he relished during the session. Zach is appreciative of the opportunities the Hinckley Institute of Politics and the Senate Democrats have afforded him.

Zach’s new job at Murray City means the Senate Ds still have the chance to work with him. He was a terrific intern, and we wish him the best of luck going forward.

Thanks to the Fearless Five

We thank our excellent team of interns for the 2008 session, who have worked many, many hours during the past 45 days. We could never have accomplished our lawmaking responsibilities without you! Autumn Orme (seated); then left to right, Joey Nations, Zach Fountain, Steve McKeone, and Greg Buckway.

2008 Team of Interns

2008 Interns and Senators


The Fearless Five

On the final day of the 2007 Legislative Session, we want to sincerely thank our five interns who have spent the past six weeks serving the Senate Democrats in the Utah State Senate. Without their valuable contribution, it would be difficult to fulfill our lawmaking responsibilities.

Sara Thomas from Brigham Young University is Senator Jones’ intern.
Curtis Haring from the University of Utah is Senator Dmitrich and Senator Mayne’s intern.
Brent Whitehead from the University of Utah is Senator Davis’ intern.
Porter Morgan from the University of Utah is Senator Goodfellow and Senator Fife’s intern.
Casey Jackson from Utah State University is Senator McCoy and Senator Romero’s intern.

We wish them the best in their future endeavors and hope their interest in politics continues.

The Senate Democrats

The Fearless Five