Senator Mayne Wants to Crack Down on Graffiti

From the Deseret news:

SALT LAKE CITY — A white vinyl fence in Sen. Karen Mayne’s neighborhood is a frequent target of graffiti artists.

“I’m just tired of this. I’m tired of the naughty words. I’m tired of the swastikas,” Mayne said Monday during floor debate in the Utah Senate.

Mayne has introduced a bill, SB107, that would prohibit the possession of “any instrument, tool or device that is commonly used to make graffiti with the intent to deface the property of another.” Violators could be charged with a class C misdemeanor.

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Review Committee Delivers Final Report On DABC Recommendations

Capitol Hill – The business owner-led DABC Review Committee has completed their final report of recommendations for changes in the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, and delivered their report this morning to House & Senate Democratic Leaders. Read the report below.

The DABC controls a $300 million dollar business in Utah, but recent audits have uncovered waste and possible criminal fraud. Because the funds the State receive from the DABC are so critical to funding programs like school lunches and roads, Representative Litvack and Senator Romero called for an independent committee, made up of local business owners to review the DABC processes and create a report of recommendations which would be delivered to the Utah Legislature.

The committee, led by co-chairs Peter S Cooke, Stephen Schubach and Jeff Hatch completed their task after countless meetings and public hearings, and delivered the following report this morning for consideration.

From KCPW – The Democratic Response to the Governor’s Speech

Dems Focus on Education in State of the State Response

01.25.2012 by Eric Ray

(KCPW News) In their response to Governor Herbert’s State of the State Address tonight, Utah’s Democratic leaders stressed their priority this legislative session is to improve public education through a series of bills called the “Best Schools Initiative.”

“Utah Democrats believe that every Utah child deserves four things: an excellent teacher, individualized attention, world class curriculum, and neighborhood and family support,” said Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero.

Romero said reducing class sizes in kindergarten through third grade and giving teachers extra classroom help will “work wonders” in helping students succeed.

Romero added the Democrats plan for improving education won’t take any more money from taxpayers. “Let me be very clear. We do not believe it is fiscally wise to raise taxes on Utah’s working families,” said Romero. “That’s why I’m pleased to announce that the House and Senate Democrats Best School’s Initiative includes a funding plan that reprioritizes our resources and does not raise taxes.”

Other priorities introduced by the Democrats included improving access to higher education for veterans, protecting consumer rights, and improving air quality.

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Senator Robles Working for Utah’s veterans



For more information, contact:
Emily Bingham Hollingshead
Communications Director, Utah Senate Democrats
Ph: 435.590.9961

Senator Luz RoblesSenator Luz Robles presents bills supporting the men and women of the military

SALT LAKE CITY, January 24, 2012 – Senator Luz Robles, D—Salt Lake City (District 1) will present two pieces of legislation that will affect Utah’s military personnel.   The bills will be presented to the Senate Revenue & Taxation Committee today, and will expand a property tax exemption to military members who have performed military service in a combat zone.


“Utah’s men and women who serve in the military make a tremendous sacrifice on behalf of our country,” said Senator Robles.  “I think it’s important that we do whatever we can to help them here at home.  Extending certain property tax exceptions to qualified military personnel is one way we can do that.”


Robles’ two bills will be heard at the 4:00 pm committee in Room 250 at the State Capitol


SJR008 Joint Resolution on Property Tax Exemption for Military Personnel


SB0116 Armed Forces Property Tax Exemption

Who: Senator Luz Robles

What: Presentation of SJR008 and SB0116

Where: State Capitol, Room 250

When: 4:00pm




Senator Karen Mayne’s bill to target graffiti suspects

From KSL…

by Paul Nelson

SALT LAKE CITY — Today is the first day of the 2012 legislative session. One of the bills being proposed this year would give officers and prosecutors more options to go after people suspected of tagging graffiti.

“It’s just something that we don’t want in our community, we don’t want in our neighborhoods and we don’t want in our state,” said Sen. Karen Mayne, who is sponsoring Senate Bill 107.

Mayne says police officers don’t have any truly meaningful ways to go after people they suspect of tagging. Under SB 107, graffiti would be at least a class B misdemeanor. The charges could be more serious depending on how much damage is done.

The measure also would make it a class B misdemeanor to possess items used to make graffiti, if officers and prosecutors thought the suspect intended to use them that way.

“When you’re out at 2:00 in the morning with a spray can, a ladder and brushes, you’re not painting my neighbor’s garage,” Mayne observed.

Mayne says paints used by taggers are more damaging to walls and fences than in years past.

“They’re costing people so much money to fix their fences, and now [with] this corrosive stuff that [taggers] can put on fences, they will have to replace the fence,” Mayne said.

She says the proposal has received a lot of support from law enforcement agencies all over the state.





House and Senate Dems to hold Media Availability immediately following Governor’s State of the State Address




For more information, contact:
Emily Bingham Hollingshead
Communications Director, Utah Senate Democrats
Ph: 435.590.9961


Utah House and Senate Democrats to hold Media Availability immediately following Governor’s State of the State Address, January 25, 2012


Who:          Utah House and Senate Democrats

What:         Media Availability in Response Governor Herbert’s State of the State Response

Where:      House of Representatives Lounge

When:        Wednesday, January 25, 2012 immediately following the Governor’s speech


Utah House and Senate Democrats, led by Democratic Leaders Ross Romero and David Litvack, will be available immediately following the Governor’s State of the State response to discuss the Governor’s proposals.


Members of the media are requested to meet with the Democratic legislators in the House Lounge of the Utah House of Representatives as soon as the Governor finishes his remarks and leaves the chamber.


In addition to the media availability, a pre-recorded response will also be available to all media outlets on Wednesday morning.  To receive a copy, call Emily Hollingshead, Communications Director for the Utah Senate Democrats, or visit us online at


For more information, contact Emily Hollingshead, Communications Director for the Utah Senate Democrats: or 435-590-9961


Modified Garber Map

The Utah House has proposed a substitute congressional boundaries map.  The map is based on a submission from Utah County resident David Garber.   The revised version of Mr. Garber’s map is shown below.  The red lines indicate the original boundaries as proposed by Mr. Garber.

This map is clearly not a modification.  It is a new map presented to the public for the first time, less than an hour ago.  In fact, the new map moves 60% of the population to a different district than was in Mr. Garber’s original proposal.

Even Mr. Garber says “Newbold’s proposal is clearly not a variant of my concept,” as stated on Twitter.

Senate Democrats Statement on the Death of Osama Bin Laden

The members of the Utah Senate Democratic Caucus applaud the United States armed forces, the intelligence community and President Barack Obama on the successful operation that ended with the death of Osama bin Laden.  The fact that this was carried out without any civilian or American casualties is a testament to the outstanding training and abilities of our armed forces. Continue reading