45 Days – By Sylvie Batchelor, 2014 Intern to Senator Pat Jones

45 days Sylvie  Collage

It is crazy that we have reached the last day of the 2014 Legislative session! In the beginning, it feels like the busy days will never end, but now that they almost have. I am sad to say goodbye.

Throughout this process, I have grown more than I could have imagined. I have learned the process inside and out and made meaningful friendships. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Senator Patricia Jones. She is an amazing mentor and has taught me valuable lessons for my future career goals.

One day I plan to run for office. I will be sitting at one of those desks and have more responsibility than ever before. But I am sure that this experience has equipped me with the knowledge I need to make a difference in this environment.

In these 45 days, I have learned that our legislators are under-appreciated and perhaps misunderstood. I have witnessed such a sense of camaraderie and impeccable work ethic. What our legislators have done in 45 days for this state is astounding. Thank you to everyone for making this the best experience for me.

2014 Lunch with the Utah Senate Democrats Contest was a huge success!

Utahns statewide entered the #UtahSenDems 2014 Lunch Contest via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  IMG_9361

We picked nine lucky residents to enjoy a free lunch on Feb. 28 with the fabulous five Utah Senate Democrats.

The winners:

  • Paul Hofman, West Valley City
  • Renate Hoffman Riggs, Midway
  • Ben Pales, West Haven
  • Ed Blake, Salt Lake City
  • Nikki Cunard, Salt Lake City
  • Pamela Portocarrero, Salt Lake City
  • Ben Eddington, Cottonwood Heights
  • Kirsten Park, Salt Lake City
  • Jandy Stelter, Midvale (She couldn’t attend.)

The luncheon started with a quick Utah Senate tour by Senator Jim Dabakis. The group then returned to eat lunch around a table with the senators in the Minority Caucus Room.

Two hot topics were: Getting more democrats elected into office and increasing the number of people voting. They also discussed the Count My Vote initiative and Medicaid expansion.

The winners, all democrats, were glad they got the chance to have an intimate, lively discussion with the senators. They later said via email:

  • “While I usually pay more attention to the national politics, I decided that I should be more involved in what’s going on in my state… I always knew there weren’t many democrats represented in the state legislature, but I wasn’t aware of how drastic it is.” – Ben Eddington
  • “I will always take advantage of the opportunity to spend some “alone time” with the Utah Democrat Senators, they are a great bunch of people who work very hard for us!” – Paul Hofman
  • “It was so nice to visit one-on-one with my senators without the time constraints of formal meetings.” – Kirsten Park

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest.  We appreciate your continuous support.  – The #UtahSenDems


Workplace Safety Week, June 23-29, 2013

by Senator Karen Mayne
Senate Minority Whip

During the recently completed General Legislative Session of the Utah Legislature, the House of Representatives and the Senate passed SCR 9, Concurrent Resolution Designating a Week to Recognize Workplace SafetyToday, Governor Herbert hosted a ceremonial bill signing of SCR9 and also SCR2, Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Workers Compensation Fund for Workplace Safety.

The week of June 23-29, 2013, will be Workplace Safety Week in the State of Utah.

Working together to make a safe environment for all is our goal.  The cost of an accident, whether financial, emotional, and/or physical, is an injury to all citizens of Utah.  Workplace Safety Week is an added push to enhance safety in the workplace.  Our slogan and goal is to have No Workplace Accidents June 23-29.  A week with NO accidents–a dream come true!

Safety campaigns, media events, and outreach programs are being planned for Workplace Safety Week to inform the public and raise awareness of workplace safety.  We all need to embrace the Culture of Safety in the State of Utah.







New Leadership Team for Utah Senate Democrats

The Utah Senate Democrats announced the reorganization of the caucus this afternoon.  The following senators constitute the newly elected leadership team:

Senator Gene Davis, Senate Minority Leader

Senator Karen Mayne, Senate Minority Whip

Senator Patricia Jones, Assistant Senate Minority Whip

Senator Luz Robles, Senate Minority Caucus Manager


Senator Robles Honored by Utah Minority Bar Association

This evening, Senator Luz Robles will be honored by the Utah Minority Bar Association (UMBA) at its scholarship and awards dinner.  She will receive the Pete Suazo Community Service Award for her passionate advocacy on behalf of Utah’s minority population.

Congratulations, Senator Robles!

Seventeen scholarships will be awarded to Brigham Young University and University of Utah law students who have provided service and leadership to Utah’s minority community.  In addition, UMBA will launch its new Diversity Pipeline Initiative, a mentoring program which will pair scholarship winners with attorneys from the law firm of Holland & Hart, LLP.

Founded in 1991, UMBA is an organization of Utah lawyers committed to promoting diversity and addressing issues that impact racial and ethnic minorities, especially within the legal community.


Tonauac Award for Senator Romero

Last night, Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero received one of the 2012 Tonauac Awards from Federacion de Mexicanos Unidos en Utah (FMUU).  “The name Tonauac comes from the Nahuatl Language.  It means Bearer of Light.  The FMUU has named the award in honor of light bearers who strive to make our community better by their service.”

Congratulations, Senator Romero, on your distinguished honor as one of the recipients of the 2012 Tonauac Awards.

Karen Morgan named Legislative Children’s Champion

Senator Karen Morgan will be honored at the 2012 Children’s Champions Luncheon as a Legislative Children’s Champion.  Senator Morgan is being recognized for her legacy on capitol hill of working to  improve education outcomes for Utah’s kids.

The luncheon will take place on Thursday, September 1 from noon to 1:30 pm at Little America.  For more information,  call 801-364-1182.

National CPR Awareness Week

Did you know that this week is National CPR Awareness Week?

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States. It can happen to anyone at any time. Many victims appear healthy with no known risk factors.

Surviving sudden cardiac arrest depends on a public trained in CPR.   That’s why I support policies that would train every high school student in our state in CPR.

Less than one-third of sudden cardiac arrest victims receive bystander CPR. CPR can double, or even triple, a victim’s chance of survival.

Hands-on CPR training would prepare high school students to act in a medical emergency — at school, at home, or in the community. CPR can be taught in less than 30 minutes at little to no cost to school districts.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Best regards,

Senator Ross Romero
Minority Leader – Utah Senate Democrats

House passes tanning bill – now to the governor for signature

The Utah House passes a bill on Wednesday that requires parent consent for minors who want to use tanning beds.

Parents will be asked to sign a consent form each time a minor uses a tanning device.  Facilities that provide tanning services also need to post warning signs on the risks of tanning.

To get the rest of the story, click here.