Senator Karen Morgan talks about The Best Schools Initiative…

… and class size reduction.

Senator Karen Morgan met with KSL’s Doug Wright today at his “Capitol Town Hall Meeting”  to discuss upcoming bills dealing with public education.

On the following clip, Representative Patrice Arent leads off with Doug, followed by Senator Morgan.

Senator Morgan is about 21 minutes into the clip.

“Best Schools” Initiative

The Utah House and Senate Democrats officially launched their “Best Schools” Initiative at a press conference last Tuesday at Foxboro Elementary School in North Salt Lake.  Senator Karen Morgan organized and chairs the “Best Schools” Coalition, a group of House and Senate Democratic legislators committed to the objective of making Utah’s public schools #1 in the nation.  Senator Morgan emphasized that Utah is #1 in so many different areas, so why not be #1 in education, too.

Upcoming legislation sponsored by Senate and House Democrats will feature the three areas of focus adopted by the Coalition:  (1 ) Great Teachers, (2) Individualized Attention, and (3) World-class curriculum.

1.  Great Teachers — Teachers who bring strong skills and enthusiasm for learning to the classroom.  They are committed to helping each child reach his/her highest potential.

2.  Individualized Attention — Small class sizes, tutoring, reading and math specialists, and teachers’ assistants bring about higher student achievement and higher graduation rates.

3.  World-class Curriculum — A strong core curriculum, along with a wide variety of electives and broad enrichment opportunities such as arts, music, career and technology education, physical education, etc.

Read more about the “Best Schools” Initiative in the Tribune, Deseret News, and Fox 13 News.

Stay tuned for more information on the Coalition’s proposed legislation for the upcoming 2012 General Session.

Senator Morgan -- "Why not make Utah's public schools #1 in the nation?

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