Senate Democrats Statement on Veto Override of HB 328

Today’s decision to hold off a vote on the override of HB 328 – State Government Work Week – was unprecedented and not in the best interests of the citizens of Utah.  Governor Herbert vetoed this bill because switching back to a five-day workweek for state government will cost taxpayers nearly one million dollars per year.

There were enough Senators present today to vote on the possible override of the bill.  When it became clear that there were not enough “yes” votes to facilitate the override, the majority Republicans suspended action to allow some missing members to return to the state, which would give them the outcome they are seeking.  Because of this, the Utah Senate will now take the highly unusual action of reconvening at 7:30 pm on a Saturday night to vote.  The timing of this vote is particularly challenging given the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend, and will cost Utah taxpayers additional money.

Overriding the veto on HB 328 is nothing more than some lawmakers attempting to micromanage the Governor’s office.  Governor Herbert already signed an executive order mandating that state agencies must provide critical services on Fridays.  That should be an effective measure that will allow lawmakers to reconsider this issue during the next legislative session.

Changing to a five-day workweek would be extremely disruptive to many state workers.  When Utah switched to a four-day workweek, they had to scramble to find an effective balance between work and home life.  Changing back will prove equally disruptive to them as they scramble to adjust schedules and, in many cases, find child care.

The legislative process is designed to ensure a fair result, even if one side does not like the outcome.


2 thoughts on “Senate Democrats Statement on Veto Override of HB 328

  1. I agree!!! Why are people okay with the legislature mandating something that will cost tax payers a million dollars more a year when only 30% of those surveyed hate the four day work week?!

  2. This is very disappointing. Not only is it going to cost the state more money to be open 5 days a week, it’s going to have a negative impact on the social benefit from the 4 day state employee work week. I remember when it first went through how pleasant it was to have little traffic on Fridays.

    Besides the congestion relief, the state is frequently needs to ask it’s residence to reduce traffic to help with smog. This flies directly in the face of that. Of course, I’m sure some of our representatives are happy driving to the capital in their gas guzzlers on Friday. Who cares about some of the worst air quality in the nation right? I do.

    And what about the cost of the employees. With gas prices where they are, I’m sure there are many unhappy employees knowing they are going to now have to increase their fuel expense by an additional 20% every month.

    What about that roughly million dollars of savings. Think of the things that could be used for. How about giving it to education or invest in something that will really give our taxpayers some value.

    Last time I checked, I didn’t even see a fiscal note on the bill. Do the yeas just think the money that’s been saved is going to now magically appear? The truth is that now we’re going to have to budget for that extra cost, which I’m sure isn’t done in it’s current state.

    The Governor has made it a point to make sure necessary services are available on Friday and the state employees are working hard to make that happen. With the current technology today, and the fantastic efforts of state employees, we can and have already seen amazing services provided to not only accommodate for Friday, but for any day of the week. Good work Governor.

    This veto to override is nothing more than the House and Senate, that are in favor of this bill, spitting in the face of the Governor and the state employees in order to mend their hurt pride. Maybe you guys should listen to the 70% of us that like the 4 day work week for our state and the million dollars of savings. At least we now all know who to vote out next time around.

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