Nine Liquor Stores to Remain Open-Senator Romero’s Response

Senator Ross RomeroSenator Ross Romero just learned of Governor Gary Herbert’s decision to authorize the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to reassign $1.4 million in agency funds to keep nine of ten state liquor stores open that were originally slated for closure.  He commends Governor Herbert and DABC for their efforts in finding a preferred solution to DABC’s budget shortfall.

Senator Romero is aware of the public’s concern about closing state liquor stores.  He shares the expressed concerns of over consumption and prevention of under-age drinking, but that is not what the closing of stores was addressing. 

The Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, along with other state agencies, was ordered to cut their budget by 7.5%, or $2.2 million.  In order to meet those cuts, the DABC was going to close 10 stores that make a profit for the state of nearly $20 million annually. 

During the past few months, Senator Romero has questioned the wisdom in closing 10 stores that make $20 million in profit annually in order to save just over $2 million this year.  In addition to the unfortunate monetary loss, about 100 Utahns would have lost their jobs, workers who may have turned to state assistance to make ends meet. 

Senator Romero has been exploring other sensible solutions to avoid the store closures, and he is pleased to now learn that nine stores will remain open for business.

2 thoughts on “Nine Liquor Stores to Remain Open-Senator Romero’s Response

  1. I wish everyone could see the irony in the majority in utah trying to do everything to “Protect the Children” but yet increasing the size of government and ignoring simple economics in deciding to cut 20mm from our Children and Social Programs.

    While protecting the children should be important, we should not do it at the expense of alienating adults who are responsible enough to decide if they want to purchase liquor, not hide it all like it is a dirty secret.

  2. Smith,

    The cut was designed to cause the next years budget shortfall, if revenue continues to be short they will continue to have an excuse to cut things.

    They need the cuts to maintain their Permanent Revolution. When they reach a point where they can’t cut anymore they risk the chance that a different set of idea’s will take hold and change the political landscape.

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