Nine Liquor Stores to Remain Open-Senator Romero’s Response

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2 Responses to Nine Liquor Stores to Remain Open-Senator Romero’s Response

  1. I wish everyone could see the irony in the majority in utah trying to do everything to “Protect the Children” but yet increasing the size of government and ignoring simple economics in deciding to cut 20mm from our Children and Social Programs.

    While protecting the children should be important, we should not do it at the expense of alienating adults who are responsible enough to decide if they want to purchase liquor, not hide it all like it is a dirty secret.

  2. Ronald D. Hunt says:


    The cut was designed to cause the next years budget shortfall, if revenue continues to be short they will continue to have an excuse to cut things.

    They need the cuts to maintain their Permanent Revolution. When they reach a point where they can’t cut anymore they risk the chance that a different set of idea’s will take hold and change the political landscape.

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