Utah Senate Democrats Statement on HB477

Utah Senate Democrats agree with the call to repeal HB477.  However, we would like to remind the citizens of Utah that Senate Democrats had their best interests in mind when we voted against the bill when it first came to the Senate.

In fact, Senator Pat Jones, recognizing the significant changes contained in HB477, attempted to send the bill to an interim study group when it first came up for consideration in the Rules Committee.  That motion was ultimately defeated.  During floor debate, members of the Senate Democratic Caucus opposed the bill and made many of the arguments we are now hearing from those calling for repeal after voting in favor of HB477.

Sen. Pat Jones:  “I think is a disservice to our citizens that they don’t have input on something this sweeping.”

Sen. Ross Romero:  “I don’t think this bill in its current form, and the time we were given to review it, is proper.”

Sen. Ben McAdams:  “I worry that this is shooting first and aiming later.”

Senate Democrats’ position on this legislation has not changed from the start of this process.  The issues addressed by this legislation are too important to not have a robust public discussion involving stakeholders and the citizens of Utah.


3 thoughts on “Utah Senate Democrats Statement on HB477

  1. It may be true that some Democrats tried to stop this bill but there were those that voted for it to get out of the House Public Utilities & Tech Committee. All members, Dems & Reps voted in favor in committee, Two House Demo members voted in favor and 14 House Reps voted against. In the senate 1 Demo voted in favor and there were no Reps that voted no. So . . . there were Reps that voted no also, not just Dems.

  2. Thank goodness for sensible minds and the courage to stand strong on your convictions.

  3. Thank goodness for sensible minds and the courage to stand strong in your convictions.

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