A Time To Say “Thank You”

by Sen. Ross Romero, Senate Minority Leader

Thank you to the legislative staff members who spent countless hours researching legislation, writing bills, preparing the budget and making sure all of the behind the scenes work got done.  A special thank you to Janeen Halverson, Minority Executive Assistant, who is a great help to our caucus.

Thank you to two longtime staffers who are leaving us this year.  Annette Moore, Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer of the Senate and Bob Gardner, Sergeant at Arms.   Thank you for your years of service.  Your retirement years are well earned.

Thank you to all the interns who worked ceaselessly to help us navigate through these 45 days.  I want to especially thank the interns for the Senate Democrats – Samantha Kern, Molly Wheeler, Tyler Anderson, Taylor Mayron, William Espanol, Joslyn Stevens, Eric Leckman and Teresa Dieringer.  Their youthful energy and enthusiasm reminds me of why I do this job in the first place.

Thank you to the six other members of our caucus who put in a Herculean effort to make sure we were working towards common sense solutions for all of Utah.

Thank you to our colleagues across the aisle, especially President Waddoups and his leadership team.  You have been fair and inclusive and it’s greatly appreciated.  We value the civil tone and collegial atmosphere as we debated the issues important to the state.

I’d like to extend my well wishes to Sen. Dennis Stowell who served ably during the session despite his battle with cancer.  Your dedication and courage is truly an inspiration.

I also want to wish Sen. Chris Buttars the best as he leaves this body after a long and distinguished service.  He has been a true advocate for Utah’s DORA program, for health and human service needs and has been a compassionate voice for youth in the state.

And, finally, thanks to you…the citizens of Utah, who called, emailed and visited us on the Hill during the session.  Your input is vital to the work we do.

Another 45 days session is ended.  We are tired, but satisfied with the work we’ve performed on your behalf.  However, we are far from done.  Interim meetings begin in May and we have the unbelievably important redistricting process and GRAMA reform efforts ahead of us.  Your voice is a vital piece of that process, and I look forward to your participation.


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