2 thoughts on “Watch – Legislative Democrats on Budget and Immigration

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  2. I am very concerned with the budget cuts for State Parks. They are a great benefit to the citizens of Utah and many national and international visitors. Cutting their budget by another four million by fiscal year 2012 is ludicrous. Any true businessman knows it can take up to three years to have a successful business. With all of the changes they are trying to make and with the legislature handing them a ‘death sentence’ by not giving them the time needed to implement the changes – the state of Utah will be losing several parks. They tell us they will not let that happen, but that is exactly what will happen. In the SL Tribune’s article this past week regarding this issue – it said their budget was cut to 2.8 million dollars. HOW are they supposed to run on this much money? They need time to make the necessary changes and they need the SUPPORT of the legislature and Governor. NOT the legislature and the Governor going against them in this manner. I just want to ask ‘WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?’ This will hurt so many people.

    Also, I do not understand how you can cut so many jobs with Natural Resources/State Parks when one of the Governors cornerstones is ‘job creation’. Is the legislature working with the Governor or against him?

    Seems to me like the legislature needs an audit for more than one reason.

    Help us save State Parks!!!

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