Senator Romero Statement on Today’s Revenue Estimates

Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero released the following statement in light of today’s improved revenue picture.

“We are pleased that the economic picture for Utah continues to improve, and today’s revenue estimates reflect that.

“It is disappointing that some legislators did not demonstrate the same faith in Utah’s economy.  The effort at the beginning of the session to cut 7% from the “base budget,” only now to have to spend precious time restoring funding back into vital services and programs, is counterproductive at best.  In fact, the 7% cut was too drastic, as we have already cut the budget by 13% over the past two years.

“Democrats opposed the budget cuts put forward at the beginning of the session.  Today’s revenue estimates support our position that those cuts were unnecessary.

“Over the remaining 16 days of the session, Legislative Democrats will work to ensure the growth in our public schools is funded, our health and human services needs are cared for and our business climate is protected so that it can continue to attract jobs and growth opportunities.”

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