Intern Corner: Bow Tie Friday’s

By Tyler Anderson, Intern for Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero

For those of you who know me for my usual hard-hitting, journalistic blog posts on the global environmental crisis, Mormon food storage, or, most recently, sharks, this post might come as a bit of a surprise. The truth is that while legislative interns may be known for their expert policy analysis, precise schedule management, and the ability to juggle multiple complex tasks simultaneously,  we also like to have fun. This is why I am joining with my House intern colleagues (as well as lobbyist interns) to sponsor the event: Bow Tie Fridays.

From now until the end of the session we interns will be flashing our fun yet fashionable Friday attire. Keep your eyes peeled, and remember, when he’s hanging out outside the Senate Dem’s office, even Abe Lincoln wears a bow tie!

Interns sporting their bowties

Bowtie Friday's in Full Effect

One thought on “Intern Corner: Bow Tie Friday’s

  1. As a great (fictional) character has said, “Bow ties are cool.”

    (Said character also believes fezzes are cool, but this is a matter of some debate.)

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