Intern Corner – ‘On the Perks of Being an Intern’

Tyler Anderson

By Tyler Anderson, Intern for Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero

As State Senator Ross Romero’s intern, perhaps the greatest perk is the behind the scenes, all access pass to policy making here on Utah Capitol Hill.

As an intern, I get to see not only the legislative floor debate, public hearings, and committee meetings, but also watch Senator Romero work on legislation, meet with constituents, and discuss legislative and political strategy. The Hinckley Intitute of Politics at the University of Utah has placed me in internships here in Utah, Washington D.C., and Shanghai, China, but I can say that I have never sat in on so many closed door meetings, or felt like a policy maker was as concerned about the way that I thought or felt about an issue, regardless of his/her own opinion. I am so glad that the Utah Senate Dems take, trust, and use interns the way they do. What a great opportunity!

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