Intern Corner: Democrats Opening Press Conference

(Editor’s note:  Occasionally we will invite our interns to contribute to our blog.  Today we hear from communications intern Eric Leckman and get his impressions on the Democrats’ opening press conference.)

Utah Senate Democratic Communications Intern Eric Leckman

Utah Senate Democratic Communications Intern Eric Leckman

Today Utah Legislative Democrats unveiled their slogan for the  2011 Utah Legislative session, “Common Sense Solutions for Utah”, which is always a more than welcome concept up on the hill.

Legislators took turns speaking on what they each found to be important legislation with a main priority being education reform.  Senator Karen Morgan addressed the fact that Utah has focused on being number one in business; number one in tourism, and now it was time for Utah to be number one in education.  She brought up the proposed 7% cut from the budget which would result in up to $166 million dollars lost for incoming students this fall.

One of the best statements of the press conference came from the questions following. Channel 2’s Rod Decker asked leaders how they planned to address the structural budget deficit.  Representative David Litvack took the helm to respond, by making the point that the current structural imbalance in the budget wasn’t created in a year and therefore it doesn’t need to be fixed within a year, and that one “big fix” would only harm Utah further down the road.

Senator Ross Romero pointed out the fact that there are other money sources which Utah can pull from such as the Rainy Day fund or borrowing through bonds instead of simply increasing the deficit to help these programs. In the world of quick fixes immediate results, what refreshment it was to hear politicians agree that not everything has a quick fix. Utah’s legislative Democrats are willing to take the appropriate time and resources to properly plan instead of just rushing through it.

After all, slow and steady wins the race.

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