Senator Mayne Responds to Tribune Article on SB 11

On Sunday, Salt Lake Tribune columnist Joel Campbell was critical of Senator Karen Mayne’s SB 11 – Worker Classification Coordinated Amendment.  

Campbell claims:

SB11 would give a new Worker Classification Coordinated Enforcement Council ability to close meetings dealing with investigations, information that would “deprive people of a fair trial,” disclose sources and disclose audit techniques. Along with the exceptions to close a public meeting already on the books, this obscure body could practically hold all of its meetings beyond public view.

Senator Mayne responds:

“As with all my legislation I am open to discussion and welcome dialogue.  This bill was created by a Task Force reviewing Worker Classification issues.  The Task Force as formed with various departments of government and lay people involved with the issue and of course, legal council.

This bill does not exempt from open and public meeting act.  The bill adds new grounds for closing meetings, which were patterned after GRAMA.  Issues not covered by exemption will be in a public meeting.  Commissioner Hayashi, said it well, ‘The council permits closing of meetings so that agencies may protect the integrity of the investigative and prosecutorial process.’  With that theme in mind I presented our bill to the Business and Labor Committee and it was passed out as a committee bill. I have had conversation with legal counsel and as always I’m willing to dicuss, meet with or do whatever to keep the integrity of my legislation.”

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