Governor Herbert’s 2012 Budget

Today, Governor Herbert released his budget recommendations for fiscal year 2012.  Senators Karen Morgan and Ben McAdams attended the pre-release meeting with Governor Herbert.

Governor Herbert’s top priorities are (1) growing the economy, and (2) investing in education.  Governor Herbert also recommends maintaining the Rainy Day Fund at $110 million.

Education’s request for the upcoming session of $75 million for growth and the continuation of key programs has been satisfied in Governor Herbert’s budget recommendations.  We are pleased that student growth is funded, along with $7.5 million for extended-day kindergarten, $2 million for Common Core Standards, and an additional $2.5 million for reading and math proficiency.  A highly successful arts program funded by a public/private partnership for public education, Art Works for Kids, is recommended by the governor to be funded, too.  We are also pleased Governor Herbert recommends no cuts to higher education.

Education has always been a priority for the Senate Democrats, and during the session, we will work to secure funding for education equal to or beyond the governor’s recommendations.

Revenue projections forecast an additional $215 million–very encouraging news and, hopefully, an indication that we have turned the corner.

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