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Brent GoodfellowYesterday Senator Goodfellow and Waste Management VIPs were honored to have Governor Gary Herbert sign a ceremonial copy of SCR6, Concurrent Resolution Approving Classification of Solid Waste Facility Solid Waste Permit, passed in the 2010 General Legislative Session.

Waste Management currently operates a landfill in Salt Lake County that accepts industrial and construction waste.  Waste Management is contracted with Salt Lake County and accepts all of the construction and industrial waste from the county.

This bill will allow Waste Management to designate a portion of its landfill to accept asbestos waste.  Our current asbestos waste landfill is filling up, and therefore, Waste Management’s landfill will be the only landfill in the county where there will be a place to dispose of asbestos waste.

The permitting process requires Waste Management to meet all of the conditions through the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), but DEQ cannot issue a permit without approval from the Legislature and the Governor.  This resolution gives DEQ authority to issue the necessary permit for disposal of asbestos waste.

Governor Herbert signs SCR6
A Signature

 Sen. Goodfellow with Waste Management Group

 Governor Herbert shakes hands with Sen. Goodfellow
a handshake.


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