Girl Scout Award for Senator Jones

Today was Girl Scout Cookie Day on the Hill.  Senator Gene Davis introduced the Girl Scouts visiting the Senate Chamber.  The group presented each senator with a box of Girl Scout Cookies.  If senators had a cookie preference, the girls quickly accommodated their requests.

Senator Pat JonesSenator Davis also announced that Senator Pat Jones will be honored by the Girl Scouts next month.  In recognition of Senator Jones’ outstanding service and leadership, she will be honored with the 2010 Girl Scouts of Utah Distinguished Alumnae Award.  The award will be presented to Senator Jones at the Girl Scouts’ International Women’s Day Celebration March 4, 2010, at the Jewish Community Center.

Senator Jones has made incredible contributions to her community through her professional and volunteer endeavors and exhibits the Girl Scout Promise and Law in her daily life.  She is honest and fair, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and makes the world a better place.

Senator Karen Morgan and Senator Karen Mayne are former Girl Scouts, too.  Senator Karen Morgan is a previous recipient of the Girl Scouts of Utah Distinguished Alumnae Award.

Several of our visiting Girl Scouts were from Cottonwood Heights (Senator Morgan’s senate district) and one was from Kearns (Senator Karen Mayne’s senate district).

Congratulations, Senator Jones.

Senators Morgan and Mayne with Girl Scouts
Senators Mayne and Morgan with Girl Scouts

Senator Davis with Girl Scouts
Senator Davis with Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts in Chamber


One thought on “Girl Scout Award for Senator Jones

  1. My fellow Democrats,
    Recently, it seems that every time I open a newspaper or turn on the news, I hear about another proposed or approved legislative bill that is the exact opposite of “the right thing to do”. Republican legislators watered down the bill that would replace candy machines in schools with machines containing healthier snacks. To hell with epidemic child obesity. They didn’t have the nerve to pass a law against hand held phones while driving. They “silenced” a proposal for alternatives to abstinence-only sex education, despite skyrocketing sexually transmitted diseases among our youth. Mike Noel decided he was more knowledgeable than climate scientists when he encouraged colleagues to reject any Federal clean air initiatives, because climate change & the deadly role of carbon dioxide is still “uncharted territory”. Really? Have they not noticed that most northern Utah cities are routinely on the top of the nation’s most polluted air list?

    And the latest unbelievably bad idea: privatizing our State parks. Our vast Republican legislature wants to declare “imminent domain” from the Federal government, and open the doors for drilling, development, grazing and all kinds of vehicle recreation. What on earth are they thinking? Our state parks are our greatest natural asset. They provide millions of dollars in tourism. People come from all over the world to vacation in these beautiful wonderlands. Tourism aside, our wilderness is the last bit of humanity left in this world. To destroy it in order to drum up a few dollars is not only incredibly short-sided, it is a dangerous legacy to leave to our children and grandchildren and all that follow. “The Psalms tell us that creation is not only given for our use, but that all creation–animals, plants, hills and sky–is intended to praise and glorify the Lord (Psalm 148). When humanity, through greed and short-sightedness, weakens and damages the earth, we are guilty of wasting not only a precious resource, but of defacing a beautiful work that God has made.” (Milton Stanley)

    I realize that you and many Democrats are trying to do the right thing. How frustrating it must be for you to be in the minority. Please keep fighting for what is right.

    A copy of this letter has been sent to the Republican legislators, Governor Herbert, as well as the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Alison Mitchell
    GSBS Architects

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