Utah’s School Children Deserve Better

Brent Goodfellowby Senator Brent Goodfellow
Senate District 12

School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration’s bonuses are an outrage to the legislators and the people of Utah.  Last year in the Legislative session, a prohibition was placed on bonuses for the 2010 fiscal year.   This did not deny the top executives at SITLA the pleasure of huge bonus payouts to themselves.  On June 30, 2009 (the last day of the budget year), the top two SITLA executives received payments totaling $114,660.   In fact, for the total $428,000 in bonuses paid out to employees in fiscal year 2009, $294,000 was paid to the top six executives. These bonuses were simply a double payout in order for the Administration to get around the prohibition set by the Legislature for this fiscal year.  SITLA defends the bonuses claiming that their goals were met so the bonuses were earned, but they fail to mention that they lowered the target goal by 25%.  This is a topic that needs to be addressed and not tolerated by the people of our state.

2 thoughts on “Utah’s School Children Deserve Better

  1. You’re right…. this is outrageous! What can be done to shed more light on this shameful situation and turn it around?
    SITLA people, or rather SITLA monsters should be sentenced to 5 years of ethics education in a one-room schoolhouse lacking all of the amenities and personnel that they have deprived our children of!

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