Fighting for Salt Lake County’s Schools

Senator Gene Davisby Senator Gene Davis
Senate District 3

The Deseret News featured Senate Bill 87, sponsored by Senator Gene Davis of Salt Lake County, in an article Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

SB 87 calls for the end of taking local school taxes and giving them to another district in Salt Lake County.  Senator Davis’ Senate District currently represents 4 out of the 5 school districts in Salt Lake County.  The equalization bill that was passed a few years ago has taken much needed money away from schools who need it the most.  While Jordan School District has continued growth and expenses, the other districts here in Salt Lake County need the money in order to keep schools safe and up-to-date.  Salt Lake City School District alone lost $6.6 million to the new Jordan School District.

The debate on equalization of school funding is not over.  We need a statewide solution to improve the overall value of education in our state.  Senator Davis is building consensus on how to achieve this end.

One thought on “Fighting for Salt Lake County’s Schools

  1. Senator Davis, I wanted to add my 2 Cents regarding your opinion of the Equalization plan saying that “It is an unfair tax on the school districts in Salt Lake County”. Actually Senator Davis, what was unfair was that the original Jordan School District was allowed to split and that the tax payers/parents/citizens on the West side of valley WERE NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE on the matter. This is a matter that will continue to impact each family in the new Jordan School District and now that the damage is done, we need help to stop the bleeding.

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