Democrat Response to State of the State Address

Following Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s State of the State speech last evening, Democrats in the Utah Legislature offered the following narrative by Senator Patricia Jones as a response.  Please give us your feedback.  Click “leave your comment” at the bottom of this post.

2 thoughts on “Democrat Response to State of the State Address

  1. I appreciate the comments and the opportunity to make my own. I value all these things you have spoken of. I live in this state due to elderly parents in poor health. I am unemployed and seeking work. Even if I had solid work, I could not support greater taxes, of any kind. I believe in small government and private entrepreneurship. Instead of stimulating growth and supporting programs, I believe taxes create the need for more taxes. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and feed his family for a lifetime.

    We can spend our budgets more wisely. I urge all to put aside politics, work together and use all your energies and efforts to put us back to work, reduce governmental burdens and cut costs. I want to see my children able to enjoy the same opportunities that I have had, no less than you, I am sure.

    Thank you.

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