It’s Time to Clear the Air

Senator Ross Romeroby Senator Ross Romero
Senate Minority Whip

Last month I had the opportunity to hear a presentation regarding Park City, Utah’s effort to track its sustainability numbers.  Energy and water conservation are a couple of ways we can help sustain our communities.  Park City is particularly sensitive to how we treat our environment since it hosts many visitors to ski on its surrounding slopes.  Even slight temperature increases year after year have the potential to reduce snowfall amounts, jeopardizing the ski and tourism industry which will affect our state’s economy whether we ski or not.

Park City’s program was adopted to allow homeowners and businesses to calculate how much energy they are using.   At, Park City residents can calculate their carbon and water footprints and learn what they can do to reduce their impact on the environment.  There is a carbon calculator, a water calculator, and a waste calculator.  I encourage you to review this website and familiarize yourself with its calculators and the accompanying suggestions for reducing our impact on our environment.  Each person and home doing its share can make a big difference.
Another site to help us clear the air is  The site addresses subjects such as engine idling, smarter driving, etc.  It is a helpful reminder for us about what we can do to make a difference, which is especially relevant when we look out our windows at our polluted air. 

Please take a few minutes to visit these sites and consider what you can do to reduce energy consumption and help clear our air so we will live healthier, longer lives.

One thought on “It’s Time to Clear the Air

  1. I am glad that someone is doing something to advertise websites like these. Pollution is nothing to scoff at, and we here in Utah have a great environment to offer for tourists, but many get turned away due to the pollution that occurs due to our many, and various, environmentally unfriendly habits like coal and oil plants, idling engines, etc.

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