Public Business in Public

by Senator Patricia Jones
Senate Minority Caucus Manager

You can plan on fireworks whenever school closures and boundary changes are
under consideration. For that reason, it is important to make sure patrons are aware when school boards consider these important and volatile issues.

Because several of our communities have experienced potential and real
changes in school population shifts and housing students the past few years,
I sponsored legislation this last session that mandates:

1) Ten days’ notice when school boards consider the annual budget, school
closures, and school boundary changes (the previous policy only required 24

2) That the school board hold a public hearing for the annual budget, school
closures, and school boundary changes. (Even though hearings were often
held, they were not heretofore required to do so for school
closures/boundary changes).

This new law is intended to build trust between school patrons, taxpayers,
and our great education communities. Apparently, my legislative colleagues
agreed. Thanks to my Democratic and Republican colleagues for your
unanimous support on this bill. I also wanted to thank Bruce Parker, an
involved citizen and professional planner, for his wise input on this

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